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The power of purpose: Chief People Officer Gunjan Aggarwal elevates with inspiration


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Culture is everything at RingCentral. It affects the ways we perform in critical situations, manage pressure and treat partners and customers. It’s the key to our success. And it’s exactly what Gunjan Aggarwal, RingCentral’s new Chief People Officer, is focused on. Ask Gunjan about her vision, and you’ll hear the term“purpose-led culture” a lot.


“I’m here to enable the growth potential of our company. I want to start a dialogue so we can together develop a common understanding of a purpose-led culture and what it means to us, our customers and the wider communities we serve.”


So, what does having a purpose-led culture mean? To Gunjan, it’s that secret sauce that creates meaning and satisfaction for us at RingCentral.


“It’s really special to be a part of a team where we feel we are being helped by our colleagues and working towards a bigger purpose and goal.”


And why not? Being the world’s #1 business communications platform isn’t a small thing – particularly in 2020. RingCentral brings millions of people together in any mode, on any device, anywhere. That’s worth celebrating!


“A purpose-led culture, where everyone understands our shared vision will help us solve for business and technical challenges in creative and agile ways and these business wins will create even more career development opportunities.”


Gunjan doesn’t believe a shared purpose can be a monolithic one. She thinks everyone should have a voice in shaping that vision. And that is where inclusion and a sense of belonging are a key part of a purpose-led culture.


“An inclusive culture to me means I am comfortable respectfully dissenting, even if I have a different background from the mainstream. I’m a woman, with an Indian accent. That should not create a false curtain to my true performance and contribution to the company. (I believe) an inclusive culture empowers each one of us to be brave enough to speak up, tough enough to continuously inspect our own biases and open enough to learn and correct our biases along the way.”


According to the Harvard Business Review, “when an authentic purpose permeates business strategy and decision making, the personal good and the collective good become one.”


According to Gunjan, a strong sense of purpose is already embedded in RingCentral’s culture — and she’s ready to make it even stronger.


“The biggest reason I decided to join RingCentral was the people. Every individual I spoke with was humble, ambitious for the future of RingCentral and open to learning and creating the future together. When I dug deeper into RingCentral’s products and opportunities, I was inspired to be part of the vision. We provide amazing communication services. We’re literally connecting millions of people around the world. That’s a purpose worth embracing.”


An authentic sense of purpose is the key to a culture that delivers – for us, and for our customers. That’s what Gunjan Aggarwal brings to the table. We’re excited to have her, and to embark on a journey that strengthens the spirit of #workingtogether.

Originally published Oct 15, 2020, updated Feb 24, 2021

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