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The New RingCentral Support Center: Number Transfer


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medium_371406099Interested in transferring (a.k.a. porting) an existing telephone number into your RingCentral account? You can manage the entire process online – and our new Support Center can help.

Visit the Support Center’s Number Transfer section for information and how-to’s related to number transfers. You’ll find a video overview of the steps involved in a transfer, as well as PDF documents explaining in detail what you need to do.

Also, learn more about number transfer by reading our Tips to Speed up the Number Transfer Process.

Here are some number-transfer FAQs adapted from the Support Center. Visit the Support Center for the full list – and feel free to let us know if there’s any additional information you’d like to see us provide!

Should I cancel my current service before my number transfer is complete?

No. You must keep your current telephone service until the transfer has executed. We will contact your current provider to confirm that the number you’re hoping to transfer is, in fact, yours. If you’re not a customer of record with the provider, they will be unable to verify that you own your number.

Can I transfer any kind of number to my RingCentral account?

Yes. Mobile, landline and toll-free numbers are transferable. The Federal Communications Commission has strict rules around number portability.

What’s the main source of delays in the transfer process?

According to our number transfer department, billing statement errors are the main reason transfers get delayed. In order for your current provider to confirm that you own the number you’re claiming, your address must exactly match the one they have on file for you. Therefore, make sure your information is complete and correct before submitting a number-transfer request to us.

How long does a number transfer take?

Typically, a transfer will take 7 to 14 business days. We will contact you if there are any errors in your application that need to be corrected.

Featured photo courtesy of Racineur via photopin cc.

Originally published Apr 16, 2013, updated May 27, 2021

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