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The Integrated Customer Experience


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At RingCentral, we’re continually looking for ways to complement our product innovation with services innovation to support our customers in achieving business success. The TSIA’s (Technology Service Industry Association) most recent industry benchmarking results recognized RingCentral as a pacesetter, an exclusive designation validating that we are a leader, amongst our peers, in delivering customer experience excellence.

It was an even greater honor when we were selected to present at TSIA’s Technology Services World Conference a few weeks ago to share best practices of our Global Customer Care Program. The core philosophy behind our approach is to integrate customer support into every team throughout the organization to ensure a unified customer experience. This starts with the initial meeting with our sales team and continues through implementation, deployment and beyond. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their goal of extracting the maximum amount of business value from our solutions.

Anyone who’s ever been involved in the purchase, implementation, management and support of a new product or service knows it can be a complex process that can quickly become confusing and messy, particularly when customer support is handled in a siloed fashion. All too often, roles and responsibilities are vaguely defined; handoffs between sales, professional services and customer success teams are poorly executed; and users are left to wonder who’s going to do what, when and how.

The rapid adoption of subscription-based cloud platform offerings among enterprises is driving technology vendors to pivot to an organization-wide approach to customer success. With subscription-based solutions, customers can terminate their contract at any time. This places the onus on the XaaS vendor to ensure the availability, ease-of-use, and productivity gains deliver what was promised in order to get customers from sale to what we refer to as a “steady state” in a seamless, efficient manner.

Our mantra is that we don’t want to leave anything related to the customer experience to chance. In order to be consistent across the end-to-end  experience, we collaborate with each customer to fully understand their use case. This allows us to set expectations that support their objectives, and most importantly, we always make sure we follow up on our commitments.

The recent recognition we’ve received as a leader in the Unified Communications as a Service space from respected industry analysts such as Gartner and Frost & Sullivan  reinforces that we have the right strategy and are executing on our promise to deliver a unified customer experience.

Of course, for us, the ultimate indicator of the success of our customer’s experience is how successful our service makes them. One customer told me recently that RingCentral’s ability to deliver a speedy, smooth transition to the new phone service—at  the eleventh hour—made all the difference to their business. Another mentioned that our professional services was key to their company’s ability to successfully deploy and provision service in the U.S. in just three weeks’ time, at scale.  When customers tell us what we have made possible for them through our service, that’s when we know we’ve succeeded in creating the ultimate service experience customers love.

Originally published Nov 23, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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