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Thank You to the RingCentral Community for an Amazing 2022 


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2022 has been the year that we emerged from the pandemic with a fervent desire to connect with family, friends, and work colleagues in a meaningful way. Here at RingCentral, we’ve been intentional about innovation, creating a best-in-class customer experience, and establishing ourselves as an amazing place to work. And as this year comes to a close, I want to take a moment to reflect and thank our customers, partners, and employees for a very memorable year.

We have accomplished a lot this year. In spite of global macroeconomic pressures in 2022, RingCentral made strides financially that I’m super proud of – reaching a $2 billion annual run rate and over five million paid seats. This milestone has earned us recognition by Synergy Research as the #1 leading UCaaS vendor by market share. That would not have been possible without our customers, partners, and employees.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our vibrant and engaged customers. Our community of customers inspires relentless execution on improving our products and services. RingCentral is a customer-first organization, and we sincerely appreciate those who invested the time this year to share their feedback, ideas, and best wishes for how we can enhance our products and services. We grow because we listen and act on this valuable input. 

I am excited about the breadth of partnerships to serve our customers and extend our global offerings. We have a broad ecosystem of channel partners, strategic partnerships with Avaya, Mitel, Atos, and ALE, and many global service provider partnerships such as AT&T, Telus, BT, DT, Versatel, MCM, Frontier, and others. Two new relationships grabbed the spotlight in a year notable for many expanding collaborations. In early 2022 we launched with Vodafone Business in the U.K. and Germany, plus in Vodafone’s multinational countries (MNC) – including Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and more. Then in November 2022, we launched a new partnership with Charter Communications to introduce Spectrum Business Connect with RingCentral for SMB and Spectrum Enterprise Unified Communications with RingCentral.

And last, but certainly not least, in 2022 our employees had the opportunity to come back together, after 2.5 years of being physically apart working remotely. Here at RingCentral, we have been intentional about creating a workplace culture that builds team resilience, a spirit of connection, innovation, and collaboration. Each individual plays a vital role in the success of the team, and it’s been great to see our employees coming back together, embracing our culture, and emerging even stronger together.  

Nothing more exemplifies the notion of being stronger together than what RingCentral and our employees did to help our associates in both Ukraine and Russia. I’m proud of the team’s great work relocating more than 1,000 of our associates in Ukraine and Russia to safer locations in other countries outside of the war zone. This was a great undertaking, and we were able to accomplish this without skipping a beat on key deliverables and maintaining the uptime of our mission-critical service – in spite of this historic calamity and disruption. RingCentral is a truly global company with 12 locations around the world, with headquarters in the U.S. and teams in China, India, Manila, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. As a global organization, 2022 was an important year for rallying together worldwide, and I want to thank our entire workforce for that. 

Again, to close the year, I want to reiterate on behalf of the entire RingCentral leadership team, “Thank You” to our customers, our partners, and our people! I recognize there are many competing choices, but your continued loyalty and choice to be part of the RingCentral family is humbling. In return, you can always count on us to bring new and innovative ideas to the market and I am so excited about what we have in-store in 2023.

Happy Holidays!


Originally published Dec 22, 2022

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