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Supporting sustainability worldwide

RingCentral’s ESG efforts extend well beyond Earth Day


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  • Earth Day is Friday, April 22.
  • EcoVadis honors RingCentral with Silver Medal award for sustainability efforts
  • RingCentral celebrates by planting trees, distributing wildflower seeds, and taking time off the volunteer and recharge

RingCentral is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact by supporting employee environmental efforts and through corporate sustainability programs. And our efforts are getting recognized. EcoVadis, a well-known rating agency, has honored RingCentral with their 2022 Silver Medal award for corporate sustainability. To reduce our impact and give employees time to celebrate Earth Day in their own special way, we are taking Friday, April 21st off to volunteer and recharge. 

From planting trees, volunteering and spreading beauty with wildflowers, here are a few of our global initiatives taking place for Earth Day:

China offices plant a greener future.

For China Arbor Day, our China office launched the “Planting Trees for Home Protection” initiative. More than 20 employees participated in this event, planting over 100 trees.  RingCentral China will also be adopting 50 trees from March 12, 2023, to March 12, 2024, and planning more activities and programs to contribute to their local communities.

The U.S. teams spread beauty. 

In conjunction with RingCentral Foundation for volunteering and social impact, our Indigenous People employee resource group is handing out wildflower seed packets in U.S. offices. Each packet carries a special message: “Indigenous people believe we have a special relationship with the earth and all living things. This relationship is based on a profound spiritual connection with Mother Earth that has guided Indigenous people to practice reverence, humility, and reciprocity. Plant these flowers where you can enjoy and appreciate them.” 

Taking the day off to reduce impact and volunteer. 

To celebrate Earth Day, we are minimizing our impact on the environment by making April 21st, a day off for all RingCentral employees. Employees are encouraged to get out and clean a beach, park or neighborhood using The Ocean Conservancy’s CleanSwell app. Or volunteer with One Tree Planted,  another great nonprofit focused on global reforestation.  Volunteering in any way teams are passionate about is encouraged through our Dollars for Doers matching program. 

Sustainable change.

At RingCentral we’re committed to creating meaningful and sustainable change in three key areas: environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Jennifer Hill, AVP Brand Purpose and ESG says, “We are focusing on reducing the impacts of our own operations and helping our customers reduce their impact through our technology. Across our company we are assessing and determining processes and targets to reduce environmental impacts, focusing first on energy consumption. In 2022 we determined our energy consumption baseline and set our intention to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in our UK office.”

There are several programs we promote to make our offices sustainable:
• Recycling and composting options
• Electric vehicle charging stations at select office locations
• Ridesharing and carpooling benefits
• Locally sourced foods in our office cafes
• Automatic faucets in bathrooms and kitchen/breakrooms

Helping customers reduce their impact.

Reducing the environmental impact of other businesses worldwide through the use of virtual communications is another way RingCentral is making an impact. RingCentral’s cloud communications reduce carbon footprints by enabling meetings to take place virtually, reducing the amount of travel for employees and clients. We are super proud of these various initiatives, and it’s great to see that our efforts are getting major recognition. 

Honored to be recognized as an EcoVadis Silver Medal winner!

Our efforts in Europe are being recognized by EcoVadis, a highly trusted rating agency. RingCentral is proud to receive the 2022 EcoVadis Silver Medal award for sustainability. The EcoVadis rating system is globally recognized and is used by more than 1,000 of the world’s most trusted companies.  

We’re thrilled to be congratulated by Nasdaq in Times Square in recognition of our EcoVadis Silver Medal award. 

Our collective impact.

At RingCentral, we are committed to furthering our corporate responsibility. Being a strong corporate citizen is important to our employees, the customers we serve, the communities in which we operate, and ultimately, the planet we all live on. Our employees regularly give their time making an impact and we couldn’t be prouder of their involvement and dedication to improving the world we live in.

Originally published Apr 20, 2023, updated May 03, 2023

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