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Our Employee Resource Group (ERG) logos have a new look

Redesigned logos celebrate the history and values of groups


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  • New RingCentral Employee Resource Group logos celebrate the history and values of each community
  • Each of the nine logos features an “R” with a surrounding pattern chosen based on colors, patterns, and symbols unique to each community

We’re excited to announce the redesign of our RingCentral Employee Resource Group logos, a new visual system that unites ERGs around the core RingCentral app icon and celebrates the individuality of each group. Each ERG, in collaboration with our creative team, developed a personal design that reflects the history, values, and symbols of their unique community. 

Images invoke unity.

Images can create an identity and become a source of pride. And certain images have the power to instantly invoke powerful associations with a place, event, or community. That’s what we wanted to do with our new RingCentral ERG logos, create unique symbols our employees could quickly identify for events and communications related to their ERGs.

What is an ERG?

For those who still haven’t joined a RingCentral Employee Resource Group, there’s one out there waiting for you! We have nine different ERGs at RingCentral, each designed to support, encourage, and uplift its members. RingCentral Diversity Equity & Inclusion Program Coordinator Janice Vu says, “ERGs offer an employee-led place to be your authentic self and be able to share your own perspectives and ideas and experiences with people within the workplace that also share the same background and understand who you are. ERGs are really great and important to have in the workplace because they help foster inclusive workplace culture.”

Introducing our new ERG logos.

Join an ERG today.

At RingCentral, we are proud of our diverse and inclusive workplace culture.  Our nine RingCentral ERGs—BE@R, Pan-Asian Network, WISE, Rainbow Alliance, U.S Service Members, HUGS, Generations, Indigenous Group, and ¡HOLA! —are dedicated to providing support and encouragement to their unique communities. Find out more about this great employee resource here.

Originally published Apr 11, 2023

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