We know quite a few of our customers use Google Voice to manage their personal calls. It’s a very good “lite” version of RingCentral with some basic forwarding and call handling options.

We’re also aware that those of you who have the RingCentral and Google Voice apps installed on your Android smartphone have experienced problems – specifically, that Google Voice would not work properly. While uninstalling the RingCentral app does solve the issue, we wanted to devise a way to let both apps operate in concert with each other.

medium_8718123610 That’s why, in the Android version of our app, it’s now possible to make a quick and easy fix.

The root cause of the problem is that we recently modified our app to give it the ability to serve as the default Android dialer. Google Voice has had this capability for some time – and because both Google Voice and Android are Google products, Google Voice calls get “preferential” treatment. But, following our update, the Google Voice app would not know how to handle calls when the RingCentral app was running.

Now, though, you can go to our app’s Settings > My Mobile App Settings menu and navigate to Default Launching. Setting “Call From Android Dialer” to Off will effectively deprioritize RingCentral calls in Android’s call handling hierarchy, enabling Google Voice to function normally.

Screenshot_2014-03-07-11-48-18 Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the most recent version of our Android app before you try this. NB, too, that switching this setting to Off will prevent the RingCentral app from functioning as the default dialer on your phone.

Need another reason to make sure you’re using the latest Android app release? We just gave our Android app the ability to view the Activity (Call) Log on either an admin or user basis. So, if you are logged in as an admin on your RingCentral account, you can see call activity for either your own extension or all the extensions in your account.

Visit the RingCentral homepage for a download link!

Featured photo courtesy of ePublicist via photopin cc.