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This serial entrepreneur says RingCentral® “transformed my life”—why?


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Whether you’re running a small business or you’re just thinking about starting one, you might want to listen to Jeremy Goding. The serial entrepreneur’s small businesses have made the Inc. 5000 and the Entrepreneur 360 list. Oh, and he just sold one of them for millions of dollars.

Aside from experienced leadership and outstanding teams, can you guess what all of Jeremy’s businesses, including his newest,, have in common? They use RingCentral.

Here’s why Jeremy has used RingCentral phone service in his companies for a decade—and why he still uses RingCentral for every business he launches.

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RingCentral helps save labor—which means more sales and more money

In each business he started, Jeremy explains, “RingCentral played a very important part in the day-to-day operations.”

With the advanced call routing features, for example, is always able to forward calls to the right people:

ringcentral skill based routing customer service

“This saved us a lot of headaches and a lot of labor, so my salespeople weren’t dealing with customer service issues, and my customer service people weren’t dealing with sales issues.”

Jeremy also credits other features with helping his businesses operate more smoothly and profitably—such as the call identifier feature, which helps his staff identify both the importance of a call and what it’s likely to be about, so they can prioritize incoming calls.

RingCentral actually integrates with CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce to show helpful caller details right on the screen when a call is received:

salesforce ringcentral integration

What feature does this serial entrepreneur love the most?

But the RingCentral feature Jeremy is most enthusiastic about is voicemail-to-text. “Sometimes you’ll get a voicemail that’s two and a half minutes,” he says. With the voicemail-to-text feature, a transcription of that voicemail message “comes right to your email, and you can read it in fifteen or twenty seconds. If you’re handling hundreds and hundreds of calls a week like I am, you’re going to save lots of labor. And in our business, lots of labor saved is more sales, which is more money. And RingCentral will definitely help you achieve that goal.”

Jeremy also has a message for small business owners intrigued about the benefits of RingCentral but worried that transitioning their company’s phone system might be too disruptive: “It’s easier to switch than you think.”

To understand more of why Jeremy Goding is such a RingCentral fan, hear his story in his own words:

Originally published Oct 03, 2019, updated Dec 30, 2022

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