The founders of PipelineDeals attribute much of their CRM platform’s success to something few other software makers even talk about: the real, person-to-person relationships they establish with customers.

Yes, the company’s CRM solution is innovative. That’s one reason PipelineDeals has the become most adopted app of its kind among small and mid-sized businesses, serving more than 18,000 users in 100 countries. And yes, the company has won numerous awards for its technology.

But PipelineDeals knows that another major reason for its continued growth, and why its small-business customers stay with the app year after year, is the company’s outstanding customer service.

The simple but rarely taken approach to award-winning customer service

“Our top core value is to be customer obsessed,” explains JP Werlin, Co-Founder and CEO of PipelineDeals. “Unlike a lot of SaaS companies, when a customer calls our office, we don’t send them to an automated menu. We pick up the phone, and we talk with them. That differentiates us from a lot of similar businesses.”

“Thanks to RingCentral, we have a call queue that rings simultaneously across our customer support team. We also have detailed reporting that lets us monitor how long it’s taking our reps to answer calls. And, maybe most important of all, we have a completely reliable phone solution we never have to worry about.”

In other words, PipelineDeals is using the RingCentral cloud communications solution not to avoid speaking with its customers—but to make speaking with its customers easier.

“A big part of our value proposition is that as a customer, you’ll always be able to reach a human when you call us,” adds Paige Thomas, Customer Care Manager for PipelineDeals. This strategy is clearly working, because in addition to its growing collection of awards for technology, PipelineDeals is also racking up customer service awards.

But helping its support team be more accessible to customers is only one of many benefits the company is enjoying thanks to RingCentral. From onboarding and training new hires, to helping its geographically distributed employees stay connected and functioning as a team, PipelineDeals is finding all sorts of ways to improve its operations with RingCentral.

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