RC_Socialads_700X400_Facebook_CRESA Cresa is the world’s largest tenant-only commercial real estate firm, providing unbiased advice to clients in 75 markets from over 60 offices worldwide. Annually, Cresa handles over 60 million square feet of transactions for clients in more than 60 industries.

Cresa has been successful in large part because of the tremendous focus it places on serving its clients wherever they are. To do that, Cresa has a very mobile workforce. Its brokers and project managers spend 60–70% of their time in the field doing site tours, site selections, and walking locations with clients to help them find exactly what they need for their business operations.

Because these folks spend the majority of their time on the road, they need tools that enable them to support clients anywhere around the world. That means they have to be able to make and receive calls, send and receive faxes, make presentations, respond to RFPs, and have immediate access to data at all times.

Cresa used to have a hodgepodge of VoIP and traditional PBX phone systems, but these didn’t provide its workforce with the capabilities they needed to be fully engaged with their clients.

That’s why Cresa moved to RingCentral. RingCentral’s single, cloud-based platform empowers Cresa to serve their clients more effectively and efficiently—to be very nimble, responsive, and competitive.

RingCentral’s mobile app enables Cresa’s brokers to turn their smartphones into mobile offices from which they can make and take calls, send and receive faxes, hold meetings, make live presentations, and keep track of their activities in real time. Brokers also love RingCentral’s integration with Salesforce. Having the RingCentral dialer infused right into the Salesforce interface saves them a lot of time. The RingCentral/Salesforce integration also makes it easy for them to access client information and track activities without having to hop around between different applications. Cresa didn’t have those capabilities prior to its implementation of RingCentral.

I recently had the opportunity to talk about the ways in which RingCentral solutions are enabling Cresa to deliver more extraordinary customer experiences and results. I invite you to watch a video of this conversation here.