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RingTern Recruitment

Our Winter 2022 class of RingTerns brings fresh ideas to the table.


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  • University Recruiting involves sourcing, evaluating, and hiring university students and recent graduates for internships and early career positions
  • Ashley Yung, a future University Recruiting professional, is currently researching competitors’ university recruiting programs to see where RingCentral can improve. 


The RingTern program is a 12-week internship that gives new and soon-to-be graduates the opportunity to get hands-on experience and a sense of the culture of RingCentral. Our newest class of RingTerns is in session, and they are an idea machine.  

Recruiter recruits recruiter. (Recruitment ensues.)

RingTern Ashley Yung is what you’d call “self-directed.” A previous internship inspired her to  pursue a career in University Recruiting, and our UR team has been only too happy to oblige.  

According to Ashley, a personalized, supportive experience leads to a level of engagement that goes both ways – from company to recruit and back. When recruits feel supported, they’re better able to succeed – which in turn, makes the recruiter’s life easier. Ashley thinks she’ll be able to offer the same sort of experience to students interested in RingCentral. 

Culture club.

RingCentral’s culture caught Ashley’s attention right away. “I liked how open, honest, transparent, and authentic everyone is,” she shared.”Everybody [is] very supportive,” Ashley continues,”I can reach out to any employee at any level, and they’re happy to give me advice.”

We are looking for the next generation of innovators. Make a difference with us.

Making her presence felt.

It’s Ashley’s first RingTernship. But it isn’t her first rodeo. She has  multiple different internships under her belt, so she also has a unique understanding of what it takes to make an internship program as impactful as possible. And she’s bringing that experience to her current role – researching the UR efforts of competitors to see how RingCentral measures up and where we can improve.  Right now, Ashley is researching career pages, videos, and blogs, LinkedIn profiles, and Instagram accounts – elements that not only inform potential applicants, but build a company’s employer brand.  Her findings? Clarity is key. It’s critical for students to understand the role they might play as an intern, as well the recruiting process itself. Ashley believes RingCentral could gain an advantage by continuing to share the experiences of previous RingTerns. “The more people understand our program and process, the better quality candidate we can expect to attract,” says Yung. “We want people who are excited to be here and ready to hit the ground running, while applicants want to be as sure as possible they’re committing to a program that suits their needs.” 

Prepare to launch. 

The RingTern program is different because our culture is. With people at every level willing to help and more importantly, listen, RingCentral is able to constantly drive improvement — because ego is removed from the equation. That’s how a brand new RingTern can help reshape a program. And it’s how new or soon-to-be grads can make an impact of their own.

RingTerm classes convene every summer, fall and winter, and accept applications year round. Right now, there are open positions in disciplines including: marketing, legal, sales, IT, finance, and innovation – in locations across North America.  Learn more about the program and apply—we can’t wait to see the impact you’ll make.

Originally published Mar 15, 2022

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