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Expanding Horizons with RingSense for Sales: Announcing Q3 Product Enhancements


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Ever since the introduction of RingSense for Sales in March 2023, our teams have been rapidly iterating the product with the help of our beta users in a tight feedback loop. This collaborative app design process has made RingSense a trailblazer in the domain of purpose-built conversation intelligence. Our pioneering AI has been making waves in sales tech, being named by CRN as one of the 10 hottest collaboration tools of 2023

Our vision for RingSense is to help our customers make sense of their conversations by enabling them to turn their conversation data into powerful insights that will unlock productivity and drive business outcomes across their portfolios.

Today, we are delighted to showcase a series of significant product enhancements, each one designed to redefine your sales strategy, streamline processes, and reduce deal cycle times.

Expanding Third-Party Integrations

In an ongoing effort to build out our conversation intelligence capabilities and augment the user experience, we’re unveiling various new integrations. Users can now seamlessly integrate RingSense for Sales with Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Gmail, Outreach, Connect & Sell, and Outlook Calendar. This exciting update is aimed at simplifying data management and enhancing tracking efficiency. Moreover, we’re in the final stages of integrating Outlook Email, further enhancing our commitment to effortless user experience.

Refined Deal Scoring Capabilities

We’ve advanced our deal scoring algorithm to provide even more nuanced insight into pipeline health. Our improved system provides a granular analysis of deal progression, enabling you to identify opportunities and manage risks proactively, ensuring strategic and agile decision-making.

AI Coaching and Win/Loss Intelligence 

We are thrilled to unveil two significant features that will be coming later this quarter:

  • AI Coaching: Leverages the power of AI to provide sellers with personalized, actionable feedback. By analyzing customer sentiment and sales behaviors, the AI coach presents insightful recommendations to refine interactions and elevate customer engagement.
  • AI Win/Loss Analysis: Automates win/loss reporting by extracting essential data from sales conversations. This feature is designed to provide strategic insights into sales performance–driving efficiency and enhancing sales outcomes.

Beta user feedback is promising

Our beta customers have already had the opportunity to explore these latest enhancements. Their feedback indicates not only a positive user experience but also the realization of strong, tangible results, bolstering productivity and sales outcomes.

Lee LeBaigue, Senior Vice President of InsuranceHub Leavitt Agency, explains: When I recognized a growing need for conversation intelligence, my initial thought was to seek help from a third-party AI. However, when RingCentral introduced RingSense for Sales, it was a clear choice for us. Having conversation intelligence natively integrated into our existing phone system provides heightened security and ease of use and connectivity. We’re thrilled with this development and eagerly anticipate more innovation from the RingSense conversation intelligence team. 

The standout feature for us is RingSense’s capability for managers to actively listen to their teams’ interactions with customers, thereby utilizing the coaching tab as a performance gauge. It has received strong reviews from my team, including our co-owner Chris Vickers, who had the chance to assess his team’s calls and was thoroughly impressed by the process.

The keyword search feature is particularly noteworthy, delivering significant time savings for sales management. With a simple keyword, managers can find specific types of calls, whether they want to review ‘cancellation calls’ one day or focus on ‘new quote calls’ the next. This feature surfaces all relevant calls at once, allowing us to either listen to specific segments or read concise summaries.”

Another customer, Chad Mobley from Total Security Solutions said: “So far, I am impressed with RingSense for Sales. I’m particularly excited to leverage trackers to monitor conversations around pertinent sales topics such as negotiations on price, value selling methodology, and key competitor mentions in customer conversations.”

Stay updated on our progress and join us as we leverage the power of AI to usher in a new era of sales intelligence. Explore these enhancements and more about RingSense for Sales at To learn all about our AI APIs that are in beta and free for any developer to use, visit  

Want to join our beta and help build the world’s best conversation intelligence tool for sales? Reach out to us and we will get in touch! 

Originally published Aug 10, 2023

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