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RingEX with RingSense AI Recognized as Internet Telephony 2024 Unified Communications Product of the Year


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Keeping the modern workforce engaged means reimagining the way we communicate at work. Enter RingCentral’s recently unveiled RingEX with RingSense AI –  an AI-powered personal assistant built within our trusted cloud communication platform, offering benefits across diverse user needs and scenarios.

Don’t just take our word for it: industry-leading award organizers, peers, and judges see the immense value in our innovative platform. After winning the prestigious Best of Enterprise Connect Overall Best Award earlier this year, RingEX’s momentum continues, with RingSense AI recognized as a 2024 Unified Communications Product of the Year by TMC’s INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine. 

What are the TMC Unified Communications Product of the Year Awards?

It’s exciting to be recognized alongside the most innovative unified communications products and solutions available over the past 12 months, as judged by the editors of TMC’s INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

“Congratulations to the recipients of the 2024 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC. Every year, I am more and more impressed by the innovative options available to clients in search of unified communications solutions. The 2024 winners continue to drive the industry forward, and I can’t wait to monitor the continued success of these companies producing incredible solutions.”

Why Our AI Innovation is Award-Winning

RingEX with RingSense AI is set apart from other AI-enabled solutions by its ability to support an extensive range of communication use cases across industry verticals (Financial Services, Healthcare, etc.) and all functions. It can support complete business communications from front-office to back-office employees and is built on the RingCentral cloud communications platform, which has been battle-tested for essential communications. 

One way RingCentral helps harness conversational data is through intelligent note-taking. RingSense AI for Phone captures the highlights of voice conversations while they’re happening to help people quickly share notes and action items after the call ends.

Dig deeper into the RingEX features transforming business communications:

  • Real-Time Smart Notes: This technology transforms the nature of phone calls, offering instant, precise note-taking, and essential insights in real-time to boost productivity. Real-time note-taking captures critical information, whether someone is between meetings, multitasking, or driving. 
  • Unread Message Recap: RingEX provides AI-generated summaries of missed messages in group chats, allowing users to catch up after being out of the office without having to read through hundreds of messages.
  • GPT Semantic Search: Empowers users to ask open-ended questions for fast, intuitive info retrieval from transcriptions, notes, and summaries across all their message, video, phone, and email interactions. 
  • Conversation Intelligence: After a call, AI provides summaries and actionable insights, improving efficiency and understanding of nuanced interactions. This makes it easy to catch up on recordings and call history.
  • Messaging Composition: Serving as an AI writer and translator for team chats, it composes messages and generates chat summaries based on recent interactions – even adjusting the output length and tone, which helps global collaboration.

Welcome to the New Era of AI-Powered Business Communications

RingCentral introduced automated transcripts in early 2023, reimagining workplace communication by enhancing clarity and continuity for distributed teams. Today, RingEX with RingSense AI extends this innovation, enabling workers to leverage AI-driven insights and automation to focus more on strategic tasks, thereby increasing engagement and efficiency.

RingEX with RingSense AI stands out in the crowded field of business communication solutions, offering a blend of unmatched reliability, versatility, and innovation. Here are the key features that position it as the premier choice for businesses seeking to leverage the full potential of AI in their communications:

  • Proven Reliability: RingEX is supported by RingCentral’s consistent 99.999% uptime over five years, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Comprehensive Telephony Support: RingEX supports extensive telephony use cases that are adaptable across various business scenarios.
  • Unique Capabilities: RingEX is the only solution that combines real-time note-taking, semantic search, and conversation intelligence and is specifically tailored for business communications.
  • Trusted in Regulated Industries: Its compliance with stringent standards makes RingEx a preferred choice for mission-critical communications in regulated sectors.
  • Customizable Workflows: Features the most extensive range of telephony APIs, enhancing bespoke communication workflows with AI.

“Empowering the modern workforce with a personal AI assistant turns routine conversations into valuable insights, optimizes workflows, and enables a sharper focus on the creative and strategic aspects of work,’ said Kira Makagon, Chief Innovation Officer at RingCentral. “This accolade is a testament to RingCentral’s role as a pioneer in this new era of AI-powered business communications.” 

Read more about how RingCentral is reimagining business communications with real-time AI in this announcement and blog post

Originally published May 06, 2024

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