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RingCentral’s Next Chapter: Acquisition of Glip


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blog In today’s work environment, problem solving among teams is becoming more critical and the quality of communication among a team is the key to success. Because teams, more than ever, are mobile and distributed geographically, a new generation of business communication solutions is required.  Teams need a super easy way to communicate, share presence, tasks, calendars, notes, and files – all in one place.

I’m proud to say that RingCentral is taking a big step in this direction with exciting news we announced this past Friday about our acquisition of Glip.  Glip represents a new paradigm of business communication tools focused on team messaging and collaboration. While tools like Slack and HipChat focus on team collaboration among developer audiences, Glip is designed for everyone making it easy for teams to share instant messages, tasks, calendars, notes and files.  What sets Glip apart is its best-in-class set of productivity features tightly integrated with messaging, and integrated 3rd party leading business solutions such as Asana, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, JIRA, GitHub, Google and ZenDesk. The result is seamless and flexible software that helps teams communicate and collaborate much more effectively and get their work done faster.

With our acquisition of Glip, RingCentral plans to deliver the world’s first integrated cloud communications and team collaboration solution. This means we will combine industry leading capabilities of RingCentral Office with Glip.  It will empower teams to work across all locations and devices, using diverse modes of communication, and while seamlessly sharing rich application data internally amongst team members and externally amongst other contacts.  RingCentral Office combined with RingCentral Teams will usher in a new era in business communications and team productivity.

Glip will be rebranded RingCentral Teams in the coming months, integrated and made available to all RingCentral Office customers. We will also continue to keep the current stand-alone freemium application, renamed RingCentral Teams, available for web, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android for all current and future customers.

I want to give a big welcome to Glip’s CEO & Co-founder, Peter Pezaris, and his entire R&D team joining RingCentral.  Their team has done an impressive job in making their software “easy, easy, easy,” as Peter likes to say.  And it’s why companies like CBS Interactive, IBM, The Economist, Harvard University and many others have become customers of their software.

I encourage you to check out Glip for now.  But stay tuned – if you’d like to be notified about the availability of RingCentral Teams, please visit our sign-up page.

Originally published Jun 22, 2015, updated Sep 01, 2021

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