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RingCentral employees receive two awards recognizing their support for military Veterans

Military Friendly® honors two RingCentral employees for going above and beyond


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  • DEI Program Coordinator Tasia Bromell is recognized as one of Military Friendly’s 2024 Veteran Champions of the Year in Corporate America
  • Renewal Manager Jack Fitzgerald is awarded the 2024 Employee Veteran Leadership Award

We’re thrilled to have two RingCentral employees recognized by Military Friendly® for their exceptional leadership and impact! RingCentral has shown an ongoing commitment to supporting our U.S. Veterans and service members as they transition from military service to civilian careers. Through targeted programs and strategic partnerships, we create meaningful opportunities for the military community. 

Workplace accolades.

DEI Program Coordinator Tasia Bromell was recognized as a 2024 Veteran Champion of the Year in Corporate America presented by Military Friendly®. This prestigious award is presented to those who champion the recruitment, hiring, onboarding, retention, and career advancement of U.S. Veterans in corporate America.

Renewal Manager Jack Fitzgerald was awarded the 2024 Employee Veteran Leadership Awards list (EVLA), presented by Military Friendly® to Veterans who positively impact their organizations. The EVLA is a prestigious honor awarded to employees who are U.S. Veterans and demonstrate the finest qualities of our nation’s military, including leadership, teamwork, discipline, determination, adaptability, a strong work ethic, and a can-do attitude.

You can find more about these awards in the upcoming June edition of the G.I. Jobs Magazine

Targeted programs.

RingCentral supports service members and Veterans in several ways specifically designed to ease the transition to civilian careers. The U.S. Service Members Employee Resource Group (ERG) empowers and supports service members through camaraderie, offering valuable mentorship opportunities, promoting active community involvement, and facilitating career advancement. Their goal is to ensure the seamless transition and prosperous professional development of our service members and Veterans. Additionally, our partnership with Hiring Our Heroes allows us to offer transitioning U.S. Service Members training and experience.

Military Friendly®.

Military Friendly® measures commitment, effort, and success in creating sustainable and meaningful opportunities for the military community. This includes active duty, guard, reserve, military spouses, and Veterans. The Military Friendly® designation demonstrates to the military/Veteran community that an organization has proven initiatives and support systems in place to provide meaningful employment to military members, Veterans, and their spouses. 

Originally published May 08, 2024

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