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RingCentral UK Wins Cloud Innovation World Cup Award


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cloud innovation UK-award_small We are delighted to announce that RingCentral UK has won the Cloud Innovation World Cup Award for ICT Business Services. In its fifth year, the global Cloud Innovation World Cup aims to foster innovative solutions, within the segment of cloud computing. The award ceremony took place on Tuesday 17th June, in London, at the Cloud World Forum, which is sponsored by a significant number of technology giants (such as Google and Amazon Web Services), and has over 300 speakers in its conference programme.

Having been launched in the UK for less than a year, we are thrilled that the progress we are making has been recognised through this incredible and prestigious accolade; and it’s fantastic that the innovation behind RingCentral Office is already being acknowledged by local industry influencers. RingCentral won the ICT Business Services category, in the Cloud Innovation World Cup, as RingCentral Office has been built for today’s mobile and distributed workforce, it is feature-rich and has a proven customer-base. Importantly, it has given UK businesses of all sizes a more cost-effective and flexible solution for business communications.

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Lars Rønning, General Manager, EMEA, RingCentral, presented to the Cloud Innovation World Cup judges and attendees, about how RingCentral is enabling business opportunities for enterprises of all sizes – from improving customer service, through to winning new business, and retaining staff. Here’s how RingCentral has helped some UK businesses: is an international on-line customer funded wine business. Prior to using RingCentral, it was struggling to connect its geographically dispersed workforce who were working from multiple locations. Having implemented RingCentral, can now seamlessly connect its employees between international offices, and RingCentral is fully integrated with their CRM platform, which has improved the customer service they are able to deliver. Quick to administer, even by non-technical staff, has been able to shift its focus from internal IT into delivering a delightful customer service.

Safesip, which produces a unique drink cover suitable for any glass, chose RingCentral as there is no capital outlay and there is a predictable monthly payment. The single landline to mobile number also meant the owner could take a call from a NHS trust when she was away from her desk, who wanted to trial her product, which has helped to grow her business.

Optimum Healthcare Solutions Group, an end-to-end physiotherapy provider has been able to retain staff thanks to RingCentral. Cloud technology has helped staff to lead flexible lives. This means they can work from home, or remotely, when they need to and still be securely connected to the office. The company has an employee that has recently had to relocate to Germany for her husband’s job, but thanks to RingCentral, she can still remain employed and work remotely via the cloud.

RingCentral is honoured to be a winner in the Cloud Innovation World Cup Series 2014! 

Originally published Jun 18, 2014, updated Aug 07, 2020

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