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We are big fans of author and Fortune magazine editor Adam Lashinsky. His new book, Inside Apple is at the top of our CEO’s recommended book list, so it was our pleasure to have Adam visit RingCentral HQ for our most recent RingCentral Salon event to discuss the book.

Adam Lashinsky discusses how Apple violates everything you learned in business school

RingCentral employees and customers enjoyed our Inside Apple book giveaway

Adam shared his insights on Apple’s wildly unconventional company culture and operating style, which is the antithesis of what’s taught at most business schools. Lashinsky suggests that Apple’s unique success formula could be more closely studied by business leaders, who should apply what is relevant and helpful to their own companies and careers, and discard the rest. Of course not everyone can or should be like Steve Jobs, but even the average business person can benefit from Apple’s tenets of simplicity, leading by design, carefully crafting messages, and its extreme discipline of focus.

Learn more about what goes on inside the world’s most successful company by viewing Adam’s full video presentation with slides. Simply register for the RingCentral Salon series replay here:

What do you think of Apple’s ‘secret sauce’ as it relates to your own business? We’d be curious to hear your thoughts, please tweet us @RingCentral @adamlashinsky #InsideApple.

Inside Apple is available now at major booksellers. You can also converse with Adam through his Twitter handle @adamlashinsky or visit his website for more information.

CEO Vlad Shmunis recommends Inside Apple to our employees

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Originally published Jul 12, 2012, updated May 23, 2021

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