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RingCentral Rooms for Poly is now available

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As employees slowly return to offices, the need for integrating video into physical meeting rooms is ever increasing. In fact, 78% of organizations surveyed expect to see somewhat or significantly greater use of video conferencing in meeting rooms after the pandemic.

We’re excited to announce that Rooms for Poly is now out of beta and generally available in North America and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) regions. 

An all-in-one solution, Rooms for Poly integrates RingCentral Rooms directly into Poly Studio X hardware, allowing you to launch video meetings in any room with the touch of a button.

RingCentral Rooms for Poly
Transform your meeting rooms into modern collaboration hubs.

Eliminate barriers

RingCentral Rooms for Poly makes deployment incredibly easy and affordable. Both devices—Poly Studio X30 and Poly Studio X50—come with RingCentral Rooms built-in, eliminating the need for costly audio/visual equipment and complicated wiring setups.

When attendees enter a room, Poly Studio X devices are ready to launch meetings without the need for any PC or MAC connections. Simply connect to the virtual meeting using an 8-digit pairing code (on the initial setup) from the tablet (iOS or Android) and jump straight into the conversation.

Be seen and heard

Perfect for huddle to mid-sized meeting rooms, Poly Studio X video bars feature unparalleled audio pickup, crystal-clear video, and noise-canceling technology—eliminating the need for separate cameras and audio equipment. In fact, with Poly Studio X50, attendees 6 ft. away and 20 ft. away can be heard with nearly equal clarity.

Supports in-office and remote workers

Hybrid and remote work styles are rising fast, and employees are constantly shifting between the office and home. Meeting rooms must facilitate collaboration no matter where they are. 

Rooms for Poly works by extending the RingCentral Video experience to wherever employees are. Employees experience the same familiar interface whether they’re attending in the office, on a desktop, or through a mobile phone. 

Fully prepared for tomorrow’s meetings

Work is transforming faster than ever, and today’s teams need more than legacy meeting rooms to work together. Our partnership with Poly highlights our commitment to enabling frictionless meetings and supporting teamwork at every turn.

With RingCentral Rooms for Poly, your meeting rooms are ready to handle the communication and collaboration challenges of tomorrow.

RingCentral Rooms for Poly
Transform your meeting rooms into modern collaboration hubs.

Originally published Oct 01, 2020, updated Oct 07, 2020

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