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RingCentral Phone Rentals Are Here!


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600- This week marks the launch of RingCentral’s brand-new phone rentals program!

Starting now, new RingCentral Office customers on multi-year contracts can rent IP phones (including conference phone models) for a low monthly fee. What are the main benefits of our new rental option?

1) Zero CapEx

With the introduction of phone rentals, you can purchase and deploy an enterprise-grade phone system with absolutely no upfront costs. (One-time toll-free or vanity number activation fees still apply.)

RingCentral Office can get your business up and running with a powerful communications solution with no capital expenditures – so even a small company can gain access to enterprise-level features like call forwarding, answering rules, SMS support and conferencing for a low per-user monthly fee.

2) Easy Upgrades

Renting a phone from RingCentral means you can upgrade to a different model at any time – you only need to pay a $35 restocking fee when you return your original phone to us.

If you like having access to the latest and greatest phone models (like our new Polycom VVX-310 and VVX-410 with support for six and 12 lines, respectively), rentals are a great way to keep your equipment current.

3) Increased Flexibility

Have you thought about what would happen if business conditions required your firm to shrink its footprint?

Phone rentals make it easy to scale your phone system down (or up) as needed. Renting makes sense if you’re worried about getting stuck with unused desk phones.

(Note that buying your phones outright entitles you to return them within the first 90 days of ownership. Thereafter, you can unlock the phones at no cost and resell them on eBay or in another marketplace.)

To learn more about RingCentral’s phone rentals program and see a pricing table, visit our Phone Rentals Overview knowledge base article.

And be sure to check out what phone models are available on RingCentral Office plans at our Phones page!

Originally published Nov 08, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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