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RingCentral Office UK: Secure, Enterprise-Grade BYOD Mobility


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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will soon stop being a trend and start being a given in the not-too-distant future. Gartner predicts that by 2017, half of employers will require their employees to supply their own devices, and according to Grand View Research the market for BYOD is expected to reach $238 billion by 2020. Employers must start seeking solutions now to ensure their technology is ready to accommodate employees’ own devices.

The biggest concern regarding BYOD is managing security. Dell claims for the UK, that 71 percent rank increased use of mobile devices (including BYOD) as a top security concern in the next five years. Ensuring a secure technology platform for BYOD is no easy feat, but RingCentral now has a solution in place for cloud business communications.

image_2 RingCentral has just launched a new release of RingCentral Office™, which includes: a re-designed mobile app interface, which will enable workers to securely embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device); new “Presence” features to show colleagues’ real-time status on phone availability; and a number of administrative enhancements for ease of management, security and efficiency.

What does RingCentral Office mean for BYOD?

  • The RingCentral re-designed mobile app interface has a single business identity so employees can simply, safely and securely access the communication platform via their own mobile device. This stops security breaches.
  • The updated platform gives IT/phone administrators the ability to set up, configure and delete user accounts from the RingCentral iOS and Android mobile app. Administrators can easily view call logs and other usage stats for all users on the system. By extending corporate control to BYOD devices, administrators can maintain access to the company’s directory, to instantly prevent data breaches in the event a device is lost or stolen, or if an employee leaves the company.

What else is in the new release of RingCentral Office?

  • Office is now fully Presence-enabled to show the real-time status of co-workers’ extensions (busy or not).  So, regardless of the device the worker is using – desktop, mobile, tablet, or softphone – s/he will be able to see contact icons which indicate whether it’s a good time to call.
  • The new RingCentral app for iOS and Android features an updated interface with a cleaner look that’s simple, easy to use and provides a consistent user experience across the PC, iPhone or iPad apps. The new RingCentral app also gives administrators the ability to partition business and personal call logs separately for easy call tracking and phone expense control.

Click here to find out how RingCentral can help you to embrace BYOD in your organization.

Originally published Apr 29, 2014, updated Aug 07, 2020

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