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Bongga Defined

The word Bongga is a Filipino term that can be dated back to the 80s. It was originally used to describe something or someone as extravagant, stylish, or fancy especially in the fashion scene. Ever since then, bongga has become a household term for Filipinos. In fact, the word was even included in the 2018 edition of Oxford English Dictionary together with other Filipino words such as trapo, bagoong, and sorbetes. However over the years, the usage of the word bongga has evolved. From a word used to describe someone or something to be fashionably extravagant, Filipinos have adapted to using the word to compliment someone, an event, a place, and absolutely anything. Now Bongga would be used to describe someone or something to be in the extremes, mostly leaning towards the positive side. This word has been widely used by Filipinos regardless of their gender and socio-economic status.

RingCentral Celebrates Pride

Recognizing the word bongga’s popularity and relatability, RingCentral Manila is using the word as the main handle of its Pride campaign for 2021. This campaign focuses on RingCentral employees who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community and celebrates the things that make them bongga – achievements, talents, skills, contributions in the workplace and in the community. The project features six employees who were pre-selected to represent various categories under the LGBTQIA+. But more than their gender preference and sexuality, these six employees are handpicked because of their individual stories. The roster includes employees from the Sales Unit: Beck Somera Booc, Sr Manager for Partner Sales Specialist; Dan Ronatay, Associate Director for SMB Expansion; Trisha Repuyan, Sales Manager; Eds Andrada, Account Executive and; Ruru Musni, Manager for Channel Sales Enablement; Ron Dampitan, Lead Generation Marketing Specialist from the Business Support Unit. These employee features will talk about their struggles, triumphs, and accomplishments as a member or ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. With the hopes of inspiring the readers, these features will be published on RingCentral Manila’s website and will be shared on RingCentral Careers Facebook Page all throughout June.

RingCentral, Bongga Dito

RingCentral, as a company, is a proud supporter of equality and diversity. We are committed to performance-based career progression and performance evaluation. Assessments are done objectively by focusing on the employees’ contributions to the success of their team and the organization as a whole. As a way of further expressing the company’s support for the community, RingCentral Manila has recently added common law same-sex partners as eligible dependents for the company’s Health Maintenance Organization’s (HMO) program. These are just some ways that RingCentral shows how it supports and celebrates all members of the LGBTQIA+ community, employee or not. As RingCentral marches towards a more progressive and inclusive future, the company pledges to continue fostering a culture of acceptance and respect that supports success for everyone.

Originally published Jun 03, 2021

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