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RingCentral Employees Ring in the Year of the Wood Dragon

Globally we celebrated Lunar New Year with food, fun, and festivities!


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  • Lunar New Year 2024 officially commenced on February 10.
  • RingCentral offices kicked off Lunar New Year celebrations on February 7 with a variety of exciting events.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year 2024 officially began on Saturday, February 10. Also known as Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year is a major holiday in China and other Asian countries that celebrate the beginning of a New Lunar Calendar Year. It’s a time for people to gather to honor ancestors and gods and to wish for good luck, health, and prosperity for the year to come. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon, symbolizing growth, progress, and abundance.

A time when families and communities come together

The Lunar New Year is traditionally celebrated with auspicious foods, gift giving, incense burning, and festive decorations. In China, families come together to share traditional “lucky” foods, burn incense, and exchange Hong Bao, small red envelopes of money. Korea celebrates with Seollal, a time of honoring ancestors, sharing traditional foods like soup and rice, and playing Yut Nori and card games. Many communities throughout Asia also celebrate with cultural community gatherings like festivals and parades.

China offices celebrate with gratitude and CaRing

RingCentral China held our annual parties in Xiamen and Hangzhou on January 25th and February 1st, respectively. These gatherings brought us together to celebrate the Year of the Wood Dragon and express our gratitude for the contributions made by all our colleagues throughout the past year. 

  • Annual Parties
      • Our talented teams presented entertaining performances that also served as a significant morale booster for all employees. 
      • We organized exciting games and a lucky draw as highlights of the party, congratulating the winners. 
      • In addition, we ensured that each employee received a surprise New Year gift.
  • CaRing Day
      • Employees were given a CaRing Day on Lunar New Year’s Eve to spend with their families.
  • Red Pockets with Rpoints
      • All colleagues were given red pockets containing Rpoints, which can be redeemed for exclusive RingCentral China souvenirs, spreading joy and inviting good luck.
  • Onsite Decoration
    • Our China team adorned the office with traditional Chinese New Year decorations, including a sparkling dragon at the reception and hanging ornaments of dragons and dancing lions.

US offices wear red for luck and happiness

In the United States, RingCentral welcomed the Lunar New Year with an all-day celebration on Thursday, February 7, 2024. 

US Lunar New Year Activities:

  • Chinese Calligraphy
      • Practiced Chinese Calligraphy using a traditional brush
      • Received a branded bookmark and added their own Chinese blessings on the back
  • A special “Lucky Lunch” of dumplings. 
        • According to the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, dumplings are made in the shape of gold and silver ingots and represent money, wealth, and prosperity. They are just one of many traditional and symbolic foods enjoyed during Lunar New Year.
  • Lucky Draw Games
      • Participants received a blessing and tried their luck by choosing the correct scratch card to win a prize. Lucky winners received dragon-engraved airpods and Amazon gift cards.
  • Lion and Dragon Dance Performances by Lion Dance Me
        • The Lion Dance team performed with two lion costumes and a team of musicians. The Dragon Dance team skillfully maneuvered in and out of eye-catching tricks!
  • Festive Decor
    • US offices were adorned with Chinese New Year decorations which included window decals, paper cutouts, and 3D hanging dragons.

Manila manifests goals for the new year!

RingCentral’s Lunar New Year celebrations in Manila harnessed the symbolic energy of the dragon to set intentions for the new year. Employees were encouraged to participate and were provided guidance with a dedicated webpage.

Manila Lunar New Year Activities:

  • Virtual Manifestation Wall
      • Employees manifested their goals and desires for 2024 by putting them up on a virtual wall.
  • Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Releases
      • To guide them on their manifestations, 2 horoscopes per day were featured from February 1-8 via our #FunInTheCloud chatroom.
  • Fortune Cookie Distribution
      • Delightful treats with a hint of excitement and luck inside were handed out to all of our teams.
  • Onsite Decorations
      • Lunar New Year-themed office decorations adorned our two sites and included floor stickers containing the birth years and character traits of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs.
  • Lunar New Year Webpage
    • A dedicated webpage guided our employees on how to harness positive energy through different Feng Shui tips

New Year, new goals!

The beginning of the year is a great time for assessment and growth. This Lunar New Year we celebrated our past achievements and set new goals.  In the spirit of the Year of the Wood Dragon, RingCentral wishes you growth, prosperity, and abundance in the new year!

Originally published Feb 12, 2024

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