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RingCentral Helps Peifer Security Solutions Achieve Two Mission-Critical Company Goals


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Founded in 1985 as a traditional locksmith company in Memphis, Peifer Security Solutions has grown into a full-service provider of high-tech security solutions for homes and businesses—including electronic access, CCTV, and patent-pending key control products.

But to succeed in the highly competitive security-solutions industry, the Peifer team needs both to offer excellent service and to stay on the cutting edge of the industry’s rapidly changing technology advancements.

Here’s how RingCentral helps it do both.

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Providing consistently outstanding customer service

“As a small business in the service industry, our phones are the very lifeblood of our organization,” says Matthew Peifer, whose company had tried other phone services and vendors but found each lacking in important ways.

“We’ve kept expensive [phone] equipment in house and [tried] many other processes to try and make sure that our phones were available to our customers 24/7,” explains Matthew. “This often involved multiple companies working in conjunction with one another, and it still left something to be desired when an event such as a power outage occurred.”

“RingCentral has taken the expensive equipment out of our office and left us with the peace of mind that when we need our phones, we’ll have them.”

The Peifer team has also discovered another, somewhat unexpected way that RingCentral helps them provide great customer service. As Matthew explains, “We also use the [RingCentral] chat service internally with our [field] technicians, sending quick messages that don’t necessarily warrant a phone call—things like ‘I’m going to lunch’ or ‘I’m headed to the next job.’ These have helped immensely in keeping those phone lines free, allowing our customers to get in contact with us when they need us.”

Conducting video conferences with industry thought leaders to stay on the cutting edge

In addition to making sure they always have reliable phone service to meet their customers’ needs, RingCentral also helps Peifer Security Solutions with its other major objective: staying ahead of the curve in terms of the industry’s frequent changes.

“We’ve had a lot of disruption in our industry, most prevalent among them is the technological advances,” says Matthew. “Because of these disruptions, we’ve tried to stay in contact with a group of like-minded individuals who we consider leaders in our industry.”

“We use [RingCentral] Meetings to stay in contact and ask such questions as: How do we manage our staff? How do we increase sales? How do we stay on the front edge of these disruptions?”

“RingCentral Meetings offers so much more than the traditional conference line. It allows video chat and easy screen sharing, so it truly feels like we’re in the same room with these people that are hundreds of miles away.”

Watch the Peifer Security Solutions RingCentral video


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Originally published Nov 28, 2019, updated Dec 30, 2022

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