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RingCentral Helps KMC University Connect With Remote Employees


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“The business of healthcare is much different today than it used to be,” KMC University founder and CEO Kathy Mills Chang says. “Doctors would be happy if they could just treat patients – but there is a patchwork of rules and regulations that they need to follow.”

Ultimately, Kathy adds, many doctors can’t keep up with all the changes that are taking place in the regulatory and reimbursement environments. That’s precisely where KMC University comes in.

KMC University is a consulting company for physicians – chiropractors, specifically. Compliance and reimbursement are the firm’s two principal areas of specialization, and it has 14 team members on board.

Some KMC University employees are charged with leading on-site courses across the country. Others record web-based classes, in which clients participate on their own time. The company’s goal is to meet the needs of chiropractic offices large and small – and because its 14 staffers are located around the nation, Kathy notes, cloud computing is essential to keeping everyone on the same page.

“All of the particulars of our work need to be in the cloud,” she said. “Our database is web-based, our email is web-based and our phone system is, too. The cloud allows us to be in multiple places and still feel as if we’re still under one roof.”

KMC University has found RingCentral to be an especially valuable resource. RingCentral’s cloud phone system has all the features that KMC University needs, Kathy noted, and it’s a perfect fit for the company’s phone-dependent business model.

“We have clients are all over the country, as well as a large team of coaches,” Kathy told us. “With all the service levels we offer – the online university, website subscriptions, webinars and on-site visits – it’s great that every person here has his or her own phone.”

KMC University’s sales have been doubling each year, due largely to the hard work the company’s employees are putting in. Because they’re scattered across the country, RingCentral is instrumental in keeping everyone connected.

“RingCentral,” Kathy says, “is a huge help for us.”

Originally published Nov 19, 2012, updated Aug 07, 2020

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