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How Global Service Providers drive innovation

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Many of history’s greatest achievements began with powerful partnerships between people. Wilbur and Orville Wright, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, John Lennon and Paul McCartney. We’re much stronger when we work together.

And at RingCentral, we take that philosophy to heart. A massive part of our success comes from our partnerships with some of the largest phone carriers in the world. AT&T, Vodafone, BT, and Deutsche Telekom, just to name a few. These are our global service providers.

The New Age of Voice
From 5G to conversational AI, here’s where voice communications are going in the next 10 years.

From 5G to conversational AI, here’s where voice communications are going in the next 10 years.

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With service providers, we have more opportunities than ever to grow revenue with strategic co-branded solutions that deliver seamless integration, accelerate go-to-market success, and launch joint innovation. And we tap into new market segments as partners.

Our goal is to develop an ecosystem of innovation between network and application providers. This ecosystem will enable businesses to provide the best communications services to their teams—and better service to their customers as a result.


How Service Providers are key players in scaling growth and innovation

The goal of our Global Service Providers (GSP) business unit is to simplify the journey to the cloud for service providers and their customers—combining our world-class cloud communications platform with our industry-leading go-to-market strategy. 

For RingCentral, service providers present a strategic opportunity for innovation, global expansion, and legacy PBX migration. Here are some ways we do that:

1. Speed

Business needs are evolving faster than ever. And, due to the agile nature of RingCentral, we’re able to sustain a rate of innovation that ensures our partners and our partners’ customers always have the latest and greatest technologies. 

RingCentral releases multiple new feature releases every quarter and is consistently first to market with our innovations. This means businesses always have the latest and greatest in cloud communications technology.

Check out our latest innovations here:

2. Partnership 

RingCentral provides market-leading UCaaS and CCaaS while GSPs provide a large user base, recognizable brand, massive network, and a host of additional services. We call it “Better Together” because great things come from the unity of our businesses. 

Our GSPs have access to RingCentral RISE (Resources, Innovation, System Integration, and Experiences), a platform designed exclusively for service providers around the world. 

RingCentral RISE enables our service providers to onboard new customers rapidly and accelerates cloud transformation by providing a comprehensive go-to-market solution and extends RingCentral’s cloud platform to enable service providers to co-innovate.

3. Open platform / integration

Rarely does the competition hinge on product, but rather on brand recognition, relationships with customers, and of course price. But third-party integrations and an open platform are equally important factors. 

With hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations and the ability to develop completely bespoke ones, our partners’ customers have access to a truly flexible solution that can easily integrate with the key business and customer relationship management (CRM) applications they use. 

Reduce toggling between apps and integrate workflows directly into RingCentral. 

Learn more about the RingCentral App Gallery here.

 4. Agility 

In order for any partnership to be successful, the joint solution needs to be easy to sell. The additional business, support, marketing, and operational processes around the core solution need to also be flexible and integrated into the partners’ selling framework so that selling our joint solution is as easy as selling their own in-house product

For example, easy integration with their own reporting and monitoring billing systems so that they can continue to support the service after it has been delivered. Each partner has different ways of operating—and we recognize that.  

5. Mutual success 

Service providers get access to a market-leading unified communications solution with powerful integration capabilities, and we get access to customers and markets that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Service providers can leverage RingCentral to accelerate innovation while delivering a proven cloud-based communications solution that’s scalable, reliable, and secure. And partnering with RingCentral gives service providers a turnkey cloud-based solution that’s fully managed—all without the OPEX and CAPEX burden. 

This allows our partners to dedicate resources toward other strategic areas while expanding revenue in the UCaaS and CCaaS markets.

6. Co-innovation

Together, we create joint solutions that address industry needs in specific verticals and personas. From first responders to office-based teams to front-line workers, different businesses have different needs. 

With our service providers, we have a powerful combination that creates an ecosystem focused on specific use cases and business outcomes.

7. Next-generation technologies

Ultimately, we enable service providers to extend RingCentral’s cloud platform across their portfolio with open APIs and joint innovation programs. 

Here are several innovations we’re exploring with our partners:

  • 5G – How can we work with our partners to capture the emerging opportunities with 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC) 
  • Connectivity to cloud – What can we do to offer a solution with greater reliability and which is easy to deploy? How can we leverage SD-WAN, fixed wireless access, and security integrations?
  • Mobile & IoT devices – Exploring how to embed message, video, and phone across devices to create communication-enabled workflows 
  • AI-Driven MVP – Deploying solutions that power smarter interactions with transcription sentiment, automatic meeting highlights, and UC data lake insights.


Extend RingCentral’s cloud platform across your portfolio

RingCentral is here to help solution providers grow to deliver cloud communications and unified communications to customers around the world.

Want to learn more about becoming a partner? Check out our Global Service Providers program, RingCentral RISE, below:

Originally published Sep 29, 2022, updated Jan 05, 2023

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