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RingCentral Glip Adds Compliance Exports


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KID-5410-Glip-Compliance-Blog_r1 When Glip (now RingCentral Video Pro) team messaging and collaboration became part of RingCentral Office (now RingCentral MVP), many enterprise IT managers welcomed the feature but told us they couldn’t take advantage of it without support for backing up and archiving records of all communications. We are happy to say that is no longer an obstacle to using Glip.

All RingCentral Office customers now have access to Glip Compliance Exports. This feature is also included in Glip Pro accounts, the highest tier of service for the stand-alone version of Glip. Whether for regulatory reasons or simple peace of mind, IT managers can now preserve records of Glip conversations in much the same way they retain copies of email messages. Data representing all conversations within Glip can be downloaded in a standard JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format, making it possible to reconstruct those conversations later.

In many regulated industries, such as financial services, archiving data for purposes such as legal discovery is essential. These organizations need to have their own copy of all data related to business communications, without being dependent on a cloud service provider to produce it. Even when it’s not mandated by regulators, archiving is often demanded by the lawyers representing large enterprises in case they should ever need the data to defend or advance the firm’s own interests.

Compliance Exports administration

The options for activating and managing Compliance Exports appear on the Glip Administration screen. By default, these options are only visible to the designated company administrator for the account. After turning on Compliance Exports, the company administrator can designate other administrators who will also have access.


The Compliance Exports section of the Glip Administration screen

We have taken extra care with this feature because privacy is important. Access to the export files could potentially allow administrators to read conversations they would not otherwise have access to, for example, in teams they do not belong to or in direct messages between other users. In other words, you may want some administrators to be authorized to perform more routine chores but not have access to Compliance Exports. Those who do get access need to be trusted to use it responsibly and only for legitimate business purposes.

Click the Manage button on the screen shown above to choose the administrators authorized to use the exports feature. Click Request to request an export.


Request an Export

You can specify what data should be exported — the last 7, 30, or 90 days of conversations, all data, or a specific date range.

If you have had any concerns about who owns or controls the data you put into Glip, the new Compliance Exports feature makes it clear: You do.

Originally published Aug 15, 2016, updated Jan 24, 2023

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