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RingCentral Global Response to COVID-19 - FAQ


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Over the last six weeks, RingCentral has responded and adapted continuously as the global contagion threat unfolded. Our global teams are monitoring and updating policies as necessary to ensure the safety and security of our employees and customers worldwide. 

The use of powerful remote work tools, like RingCentral’s UCaaS and CCaaS offerings, are now central to the daily operations of businesses worldwide. It is critical that employees are able to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device in order to get work done and keep businesses moving forward – even in the event of a crisis. We take the job of safeguarding our customer’s critical operations very seriously. 

Frequently asked questions:

What is RingCentral’s business continuity plan for a pandemic response?

RingCentral’s plan is to first safeguard our employees to ensure our products and services remain the highest quality. Second, we ensure our products and services are providing the benefits needed during this time. Key teams meet daily to ensure we are staying abreast of the situation and adapting as needed.

How will the Network Operation Center (NOC) be staffed and resourced during COVID-19?

Our NOC, SRE, Network, and Security teams are fully staffed and resourced, with built-in redundancy and staffing in four global regions.

How do RingCentral’s security protocols protect users when working remotely?

RingCentral provides robust security measures to ensure a secure and reliable communications service to your business operation – whether in an office or your home network. As a cloud service provider, RingCentral offers multiple layers of built-in security. These include the physical, infrastructure, host, data, application, and business processes, as well as the enterprise level of your organization.

How is RingCentral helping limit contagion and protect employees?

Currently, employees from our Belmont, California; Boulder, CO; London, UK; Paris, France offices are working from home fulltime to limit contagion and stay safe. We strongly recommend work from home for all remaining employees. For offices still open, we are adhering to the strict requirements stated by the CDC and WHO.

How will RingCentral continue to support our customers (support, sales, PS)?

As a cloud-first company, the technologies we rely on for our operations work the same way whether our teams are in our offices or working remotely. We have not seen any impact on our ability to serve our customers.

If I have questions or comments, who should I reach out to?

For support questions, please click here. For PR and media, please click here

Additional Customer Resources: 

Environment Status

Our system status page allows every RingCentral customer the ability to monitor their environment status in real-time. Accessing the system status page from RingCentral Support gives visibility to each customer’s unique product list and current health of each. 

Access the System Status here:

Access to RingCentral Support

From the Support website at, our customers can also gain direct access to our ChatBot, a real-time virtual assistant providing an augmented experience to capture, understand, and respond to our customer’s most common questions within seconds. 

Users of the ChatBot may also elect to converse with a live agent, if desired. 

Case Management

With RingCentral’s online Case Portal, our customers may create, review, and manage cases or tickets 24×7. This ensures constant visibility to current case status and subsequent progress for issues our Customer Care organization is currently addressing. 

With the RingCentral Case Portal, customers may: 

Create Cases: Report any current issue directly to the RingCentral Customer Care organization and receive a timely response when the issue is resolved or further clarification is required.

Manage Cases: Provide additional details, review the current status, view recent updates, or cancel cases that have been resolved.

Access the Case Portal here: 

Support for Remote Workers

On Monday, March 16th, RingCentral deployed a web page dedicated to Working from Home for RingCentral customers and their employees. This page is full of FAQs, tips, and tricks for leveraging RingCentral capabilities for our customer’s remote workers. 

This page is being constantly updated and is directly accessible here:


Originally published Mar 19, 2020, updated Aug 11, 2020

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