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connect platform We are excited to announce the RingCentral Connect™ Platform is now available in the United Kingdom. We’ve created an open, self-service platform that allows businesses to seamlessly integrate business communications into other applications. Our open platform makes it fast and easy for developers to add significant value to their own business applications or product offerings by integrating with RingCentral.

Our vision is to provide best-in-class cloud communication solutions that serve today’s businesses. This vision extends beyond connecting people and the devices they use. It also means connecting the applications and tools organisations rely on to run their businesses and serve their customers.

A number of companies provide transport as a platform, via APIs that add basic voice and text capabilities to custom applications. RingCentral goes far beyond this. We’ve opened APIs to expose our entire industry-leading cloud-based business communications system to developers. With RingCentral Connect developers can now access the power of multi-modal, real-time communications and messaging, augmented by our extensive business rules, user management, and valuable communication data. This enables 3rd party applications to not only make and receive calls, but also deeply embed all modes of communication and data into business workflows

RingCentral Connect Platform for Developers has been open in the US for a couple of quarters now. A handful of integrations have already been developed, including an integration with Zoho, which allows 14 million customers in their CRM to leverage RingCentral capabilities without ever leaving the Zoho app. In addition, Intuit integrated RingCentral into one of their products to enhance their customers’ experience.

Recent partners who have joined the RingCentral Connect Platform include the following:

These integrations adds to a strong library of integrations RingCentral previously rolled out for Google, ZenDesk, Box, and Salesforce.

As businesses rapidly adopt cloud communications and move away from inflexible, closed on-premise PBX systems, the future of business communications becomes truly realised.  We see a future where communications solutions are tightly embedded within business applications, where communication data merges freely with data in other systems to produce valuable intelligence, and where employee productivity and customer satisfaction are massively improved as a result.

With our open platform and your business ideas, the future of the seamlessly connected business becomes real. We look forward to seeing what you come up with using the RingCentral Connect Platform.  The future is here and now, and we look forward to building it together with you. Sign up today at

Originally published Nov 12, 2015, updated Aug 11, 2020

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