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Real Talk: Anthony Strong, restauranteur

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For A Kitchen for the Community, we sat with Chef Anthony Strong, who has lived many lives in the food industry. From ghost kitchens and 3rd party delivery, to family-style dining over traditional Italian fare, Chef Anthony Strong has experimented with almost every facet of the restaurant business.

When the pandemic struck, restaurants around the world were forced to rethink their operations and the type of service they would provide. And for many of them, they had no choice but to lay off employees or shut their doors.

During our chat with Anthony Strong, he shared how he is navigating the challenges of the pandemic with his restaurant, Prairie SF. and how he pivoted the restaurant to offer an online general store for the community to shop for groceries and meal kits.

He also provides insights for other restaurants who are affected by the pandemic, and how he stays positive by rearranging his perspective to one that sees every new situation as an opportunity for changing how one can run a business.

Watch the full chat below! 👇

Real Talk with Anthony Strong:
Calling all foodies! Learn more about Anthony's story >>

And don’t forget to catch more of our Real Talks coming up—we have so many inspirational business owners and entrepreneurs who will be joining us.

Originally published Sep 16, 2020, updated Oct 19, 2020

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