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Pride 2022: All together now.

Recapping a Pride month like no other.


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  • New York’s first Pride March, then called the Christopher Street Liberation Day March, was held in 1970 to mark the first anniversary of the Stonewall uprising.
  • Pride festivities have resumed worldwide after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Big love in a tough year

It’s been a decade of stunning advancements for LGBTQ+ rights, as more people around the world embrace marriage equality, adopt anti-discrimination laws and not only acknowledge the community, but honor it. But this year, Pride takes place in a more uncertain environment — one that hearkens back to the celebration’s revolutionary roots. For Pride 2022 the RingCentral community worked to highlight the struggle, enlist allies, shine a light on different experiences, and yes, have a little fun.

Open to all

Our #ShowUp Pronouns campaign encouraged everyone to update and share their pronouns in Workday—creating an affirming, inclusive space for customers, clients, and coworkers, strengthening allyship through awareness, and ultimately, making our environment more open to all.

#ShowingUp for each other

Our global theme for Pride 2022 is #ShowUp: centered on the ways we can all — even imperfectly— understand one another better, and learn the most effective ways to support, amplify and advocate for each other. To bring that idea home, Public Affairs Program Lead Jedd Ong shared her passions and perspectives in a video that ultimately did more than #ShowUp – it broke records. With 10,000+ views since it debuted June 1 – “Show Up As Yourself”  became our most popular culture video and one of the top ten most popular organic RingCentral videos ever!

Brown & Gay in LA

On June 23rd, RingCentral was proud to sponsor a webinar featuring Dr. Anthony Ocampo discussing his new book: “Brown and Gay in LA: Queer Sons of Immigrants Coming of Age.” Over 120 people showed up to hear Dr. Ocampo share insights into recent research about the educational lives of second-generation gay men and the ways that research may affect theories of racialization, second-generation incorporation, and educational inequality.

Giving back, learning, moving forward

RCause, RingCentral’s signature Corporate Social Responsibility program, helped raise over $1,000 for LGBTQ+ causes during their Pride Fundraiser. Everyone learned how to #ShowUp more effectively with classes and conversations on allyship. We hosted virtual DJ sets for House Party Fridays. And our employees participated in Pride marches throughout the month from San Francisco to Denver to London, Manila and beyond. 

Bending the arc

Pride has meant a lot of things to a lot of people over the years – from advocacy and protest to celebration and fun. For RingCentral, it’s been a chance to make our voices heard, to learn, to listen, and above all, to #ShowUp. 

Originally published Jun 30, 2022, updated Nov 03, 2023

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