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The New RingCentral App Makes Collaboration Faster and Simpler Than Ever  


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The ability to collaborate with business colleagues, partners, and customers—across offices, time zones, and languages—has, quite simply, never been more important than it is right now.

From the moment RingCentral launched, we’ve held steadfast in our mission to reimagine how the cloud could help businesses and their customers work together more closely than ever. Today, we have more than 350,000 customers around the world using our products to effortlessly communicate and collaborate from anywhere using any device. And we remain unwavering in our commitment to lead a new era of work where teams spend less time looking for information and more time leading their own companies to new heights.

A single app built for how you work today

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve spent the last two years rebuilding our RingCentral unified desktop app from the ground up. And it’s why we’re very proud today to launch a completely rebuilt RingCentral app for web and desktop that makes it much faster and simpler for teams to build, share, and develop ideas quickly. 

The new RingCentral app is the most powerful collaborative workspace we’ve ever built. It allows teams to work faster than ever before, with a simple and intuitive design that minimizes friction. It brings together our Message, Video, Phone (MVP) capabilities in a single, unified communications and collaboration solution that captures your most important ideas and information—across group messaging, phone, and meetings—and organizes it all in a simple, logical, and highly searchable hub. Most importantly, the RingCentral app allows the context of your conversations to stay with you as you work across different teams, communication modes, and devices. 

The new RingCentral app will be available to new customers starting May 7. Existing customers can opt to use it today (click here to try now), and all existing customers will be migrated to the new app in early Q3. Here are just a few of the new features you’ll enjoy:

Faster collaboration 

Our goal with the new RingCentral app was to continue to make collaboration as frictionless as possible. When ideas are flowing, the last thing we want our customers to deal with is waiting. The new desktop app dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to open and load messages—by 64%. And we’ve now made it 34% faster to upload and preview documents. 

Integrated with RingCentral Video

Earlier this month, we launched RingCentral Video, our browser-based video meeting solution. Because it’s browser-based, RingCentral Video requires no downloads. That’s yet another way we’re eliminating friction by making it possible to instantly click and join meetings, rather than wait for participants to download apps or add plug-ins. And RingCentral Video is built using WebRTC standards for greater security. The new RingCentral app integrates seamlessly with RingCentral Video so you can start a conversation with team messaging, then simply click to instantly launch a RingCentral Video with all the participants in your group or team.

Switch devices during a meeting

Flexibility is another hallmark of our products, and we’ve made sure to incorporate more of it in the new RingCentral app. If you’re like me, you often begin video meetings on one device (the phone in my car) but end up arriving at the office while the meeting is still going. Our new web and desktop app lets you switch from one device to another with one click. 

Faster, more advanced search

Email remains a difficult tool with which to locate information—we’ve all tried unsuccessfully to remember which email had that pdf attachment we desperately need to find. Solutions like the RingCentral app not only store messaging conversations in convenient groups and teams that you create, but those various groups and teams all store related links and documents to make finding them much easier. When you add search functionality to that mix, it’s suddenly much easier to find that pdf. We’ve now taken that one step further with advanced search functionality that enables you to search for messages directed to an individual user. You can also filter search results by an email address or team name, which makes searching four times faster.

It’s just the beginning

Another important benefit of RingCentral’s approach to our new app is that it’s constantly improving. With the launch of the new app, group MMS is now fully supported on mobile and desktop. And we’ve got a slew of great features and integrations planned for later this year. In addition to our existing calendar integrations with Office365 and Google, you’ll soon be able to integrate your contacts, as well. That’s just one example of how our customers continue to benefit from our open platform and the ability to add simple but extremely powerful new integrations with popular business productivity applications.

We hope you’re as excited about our new RingCentral app as we are. We’re looking forward to hearing from you about it.

New RingCentral desktop app in action

Click here more information.

Originally published May 05, 2020, updated Jan 30, 2023

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