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Organic Snacks Pioneer BumbleBar Dials the Cloud with RingCentral


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BumbleBar: Healthy, Organic Snacks

Natural foods company BumbleBar, launched in 1995, helped pioneer the now-burgeoning organic snack food market. BumbleBar is a leader in sustainable business practices; founder Liz Ward and her husband Glen have made an effort to source ingredients from co-ops and small farmers since the firm’s inception. And BumbleBar’s products are formulated to be healthy and gluten-free, without sacrificing taste. The company’s bars were recently named No. 1 in the seed bar category by Men’s Health magazine.

Focus on Customers: A BumbleBar Core Value

BumbleBar’s products are resonating with health-conscious consumers. The company shipped about two million bars in 2011 – and it did so with a tiny workforce. (The company has only four employees.)

Because of BumbleBar’s small size, each of its staffers – including Liz and Glen – must work hard to stay on top of customer issues. Liz reports that technological solutions, like RingCentral’s cloud-based PBX system, are instrumental to BumbleBar’s success. “There is no way that Glen and I could run a business this size without technology,” she says.

RingCentral’s Enterprise-Level Features: Enabling Productivity

RingCentral’s call management features are particularly useful, Liz adds. Not only can she access her voicemail wherever she is – she finds that BumbleBar can be much more responsive to its customers when it’s fully reachable.

“Because we get voice messages immediately, I can address any customer concerns immediately,” Liz enthuses.

Another value-adding RingCentral feature is online faxing. Three BumbleBar employees work with incoming faxes; because RingCentral operates in the cloud, Liz “can just share folders with them. It’s very efficient.”

Cloud Services: Always-On and Eco-Friendly

Not only does RingCentral’s fax service engender seamless internal and external communications, it aligns perfectly with BumbleBar’s mission as an environmentally conscious company. Online fax, Liz notes, “saves a tremendous amount of time and paper.” It’s even helped BumbleBar’s office go completely paperless.

And cutting down on paper consumption has other compelling benefits: Because it doesn’t print or file paper documents, BumbleBar is able to process customer communications with alacrity. “Being able to scan and turn data into a PDF that we can then email is very helpful,” Liz says.

Cloud-Based Phone Service Leads to Time Savings

For Liz, a mother as well as an entrepreneur, the real value of RingCentral is the time it saves. “I’m so pressed for time with my kids and my business. Any time that I can save is great,” she indicates.

And as BumbleBar expands into new markets – it’s looking to build its reach in the food-services industry – RingCentral is there to support its growth.

“RingCentral is just awesome,” Liz says. “I wish we’d gotten it even sooner than we did.”


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Originally published May 31, 2012, updated Aug 07, 2020

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