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New C# SDK Released by RingCentral


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integrate-with-custom-apps 1 In response to developer interest, we have expanded our SDK offerings to include C#, supporting both native .NET apps as well as mobile apps on Android and iOS with Xamarin. With this client SDK, API calls to the RingCentral Connect Platform can be created and maintained easily using Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio.

Common use cases supported by the SDK include sending SMS messages, making calls via RingOut, retrieving call log records, streaming call recordings, subscribing for events and sending / receiving faxes. In addition to the ability to handle any RingCentral Connect Platform API request, the C# SDK provides enhanced functionality for OAuth 2.0 authorization management with automatic token refresh, a subscriptions API helper to manage events delivered by the PubNub Global Data Stream Network, and a fax helper to assemble multi-document fax requests.

The C# SDK is released as an open source project on GitHub under the MIT license. This SDK is still under active development and we look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions on makgin this RingCentral even easier to use with C#. If you wish to participate in this process, please post your suggestions to the C# SDK GitHub project.

This new SDK is available now at the following locations:

The addition of the C# client SDK means that six (6) languages are now supported:

  1. RingCentral PHP SDK
  2. RingCentral C# SDK
  3. RingCentral JavaScript SDK
  4. RingCentral Android SDK
  5. RingCentral Swift SDK
  6. RingCentral Python SDK

The RingCentral SDKs are at varying states of development. As the SDKs provide a REST HTTP client, it is useful to refer to the RingCentral API Developer Guide & API Documentation for specific API request and response formats. You can also use the RingCentral API Explorer to help you quickly find the information you need and to test the RingCentral APIs for your apps and integrations. Please try out the C# SDK and let us know how it works for you.

Originally published Nov 12, 2015, updated Aug 11, 2020

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