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MSX International Rethinks Customer Experience and Workforce Collaboration with RingCentral


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In today’s global economy, how you engage customers across multiple channels in a timely manner can make all the difference between business success and business extinction. Similarly, keeping your workforce connected is of paramount importance, especially as organizations are increasingly global, distributed, and mobile.

These are the real-world challenges that MSX International (MSXI), the world’s largest provider of retailer solutions to automotive OEMs and their dealers, was facing. With 6,000 global employees, MSXI was looking for a cloud communications and contact center solution to replace its existing legacy on-premises systems, which had numerous limitations. The voice-only contact center system limited MSXI’s ability to react quickly to customer demands, and it took months to stand up a new legacy contact center—a huge disadvantage for an organization scaling rapidly. Additionally, MSXI didn’t have access to multiple communication modalities, such as voice, video, conferencing, team messaging, or collaboration.

The complexity and high cost of managing 30 communications technology vendors spread across 80 countries pushed MSXI to select RingCentral as its global communications and omnichannel cloud contact center solution. With a keen understanding that success in the global workforce relies heavily on customer engagement, MSXI did its due diligence to select a vendor that greatly improved customer interactions and better enabled employees to collaborate across geographies.

With RingCentral Contact Center, MSXI has cut implementation time from months to only three days, from start to finish. Similarly, with RingCentral Office, MSXI has efficiently connected its remote and global workforce, improving productivity with RingCentral’s mobile-first capabilities.

MSXI Chief Digital Officer, Brendan Walsh, says that RingCentral has made their business “more responsive than ever” and “has taken customer support and internal collaboration to a new level.” As MSXI continues to provide the best customer experience while enabling a highly productive workforce globally, we’re honored that they’ve turned to RingCentral to achieve what legacy systems have not been able to deliver. That is the power of the cloud.

For further details, please view the press release.

Originally published Feb 06, 2018, updated Sep 17, 2021

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