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Mission critical: U.S. military veterans step up for RingCentral. RingCentral’s service members employee resource group steps up for them


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According to the Society for Human Resources Management, organizations who make it a priority to hire veterans build a culture with higher levels of “subject matter expertise, years of on-the-job training and advanced skills in everything from information technology to public relations.”


That’s certainly the case at RingCentral. From day-to-day operations to special initiatives like our Wildfire Response Teams, employees with military experience perform at a high level here, every day. 


For companies like RingCentral, veterans are a valuable talent pool. But tapping into that talent pool isn’t as simple as taking out a help-wanted ad. To be recognized as a company that truly values veterans’ contributions, a cultural shift has to occur. There has to be a visible effort to understand where-and-how RingCentral’s culture and military culture intersect. Which is what makes RingCentral’s Service Members Employee Resource Group so valuable. Having the ability to discuss the culture, challenges and opportunities of RingCentral with people who innately understand your experience makes a large and lasting impact.


Solutions Engineer Russ Jackson considers the visibility of the group a big plus. “It is great to be able to “see” other veterans within the organization. Other companies I’ve worked for lacked a centralized group, so I was unaware of who was-or-wasn’t a fellow veteran.” 


Global Service & Support’s Jeff Harling agrees: “At other companies, I worked silently alongside other veterans without realizing their stories. RingCentral’s US Service Members ERG has encouraged sharing, friendship, and camaraderie.”


Customer Service expert “Reno” Renollet finds the value in being able to share experiences with other veterans, in a language they understand. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet other Veteran Employees and share experiences and stories with them through this group.  But what I like the most is being able to be a resource for fellow service members to reach out and talk and support them through social messaging and events.”


The camaraderie and sense of belonging the ERG provides is universally appreciated. But Ringcentral’s Healthcare Industry Principal John Poli thinks it could also be a useful recruiting tool. “As a brand new employee, it’s been great to see the company recognize and support the diverse groups and teams who make up our workforce. It really makes this feel like a great, welcoming environment.”


RingCentral Innovation’s Patrick Baird thinks the group provides encouraging examples of success for other service members making the transition to civilian life. 

“It’s great to see other service members make the shift from serving to working for an amazing company that allows them to show their diverse talents in all sorts of ways.”


But it’s not all work. According to Professional Services’ John Celoria, the group helps blend the culture he knew with the culture he’s a part of now in more down-to-earth ways. “There’s something magical about the comedy all service members share – it requires a thick skin, but it’s always good for a laugh. It’s been so refreshing to be able to enjoy it here at work again.”


The Partner team’s Matt Russell finds the cultural blend important, too. “We published some really powerful stuff on Memorial Day—words that allowed for proper reflection on those who aren’t with us any longer.  The group also gives us a way to honor the traditions of our respective branches, which reminds me…go Navy. Beat Army.”   


Striving to be an employer-of-choice for veterans makes RingCentral stronger. Our Veterans Employee Resource Group makes these valued employees feel comfortable, understood, and inspired. Together, we’re strengthening the diverse, eclectic culture that’s always been our competitive edge. 

Originally published Nov 11, 2020, updated Feb 24, 2021

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