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Medical software provider DavLong found it can thrive as a remote firm, with help from RingCentral


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One of the most challenging aspects of running a small healthcare practice today is managing the daily administrative tasks. With limited time to devote to their patients, health providers don’t want to spend any more time than necessary on scheduling appointments, overseeing billing and collections, and dealing with patient paperwork.

For decades, DavLong Business Solutions has been delivering software and services to medical practices—general physicians’ offices, ophthalmology practices, and other medical specialty groups—to help these healthcare providers automate and streamline their administrative functions, so they can spend more time caring for patients.

In recent years, DavLong began focusing on providing industry-leading billing solutions to healthcare practices. To meet its increasing demand for these new services, DavLong began acquiring small medical-billing practices. Within a couple of years, DavLong had built a world-class Billing Services team and was adding new billing companies to its growing organization at a rapid rate.

But with each newly acquired company came another legacy phone system.

Looking for centralized digital communications

DavLong’s senior leadership was ready to retire its aging, on-prem phone system, which the company had used for many years. Making matters more urgent, keeping the company connected was getting increasingly complicated each time it brought on another medical-billing practice and added that practice’s staff and business numbers to DavLong’s phone infrastructure.

With those factors at play, moving to a centralized, cloud-based phone solution made sense. But DavLong’s executives had another reason for wanting to find a more modern communications system. Dane Tyler, the company’s CFO, explains that the senior team envisioned transitioning to a fully remote business over time.

With its aggressive acquisition strategy underway—by this point, DavLong had employees in 24 states—the staff was already widely distributed geographically. The executives thought it was a smart, forward-thinking move to cuts its dependence on physical locations altogether. As Dane puts it: “We wanted to know: Could we operate successfully as a completely remote company?”

Rolling out RingCentral’s unified cloud communications was part of that plan.

Finding the communications solution to enable a remote staff

DavLong’s team discovered quickly after migrating to RingCentral’s unified communications solution that with the right technology, their employees could function just as productively and efficiently working from home.

With RingCentral, the staff had full access to several communication formats—phone, SMS text, conferencing, voicemail, team chat, file sharing—all in a unified app on their desktops and cell phones.

Support staff could join call queues and take client calls from their computers. Employees in any location could chat in real-time with coworkers, or dial them directly, right from the app. And sales reps could conduct client presentations and product demos via RingCentral Video.

With the lockdowns looming and the staff becoming familiar with their new RingCentral solution, Dane and the rest of DavLong’s leadership team decided to test their plan to operate as a virtual organization. Before the quarantines went into effect, they asked employees to come into the office and take their workstation equipment home.

“Having RingCentral made it all so smooth and painless,” Dane says. “Everyone brought home their computers, headsets, and other equipment. By the next morning, we were using our RingCentral apps to take calls, chat on the messaging platform, share documents… it really felt no different than if we were still in an office.”

Originally published Feb 11, 2021

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