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A Match Made in the Cloud: RingCentral and Okta

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RingCentral_for_Okta To quote Marc Benioff, “The new currency of business is speed.” To that end, here at RingCentral we are always asking ourselves “How can we help our customers achieve the speed and velocity they need to increase their value and have impact in their markets?”

Our customers are placing their bet on cloud and mobility technology to help them move forward on their digital transformation initiatives. Our UCaaS solution is built on a reliable, scalable cloud platform designed to address the growing needs of a global, mobile workforce that requires flexible ways to collaborate and communicate anywhere, anytime, on any device.  CIOs and IT managers mandate secure connectivity to their business applications located outside the corporate firewall. So how does RingCentral do this?

Well, I’m very excited to announce our integration with Okta, which addresses our customers’ concerns and security requirements for identity and access management while making it frictionless for their IT teams to deploy and manage. This integration makes it seamless for IT to administer provisioning while allowing users to securely access RingCentral, regardless of device or location, via single sign-on. It also automatically links RingCentral phone numbers to Active Directory, enabling IT administrators to centrally manage end-user identities.

This partnership is a testament to our commitment to our customers to help them increase ROI in their cloud mobility investments.  As cloud connoisseurs, we’ve always recognized that successfully moving business operations to the cloud means thinking through ease of use, security and cost. We want to help our customers continue to evolve their businesses without creating more complexity, and this integration is a simplification that we believe will have a huge, positive impact as companies increasingly recognize cloud-based solutions as indispensable tools of prosperity.

Originally published Aug 25, 2016, updated Aug 12, 2020

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