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Leaving the Office Behind Opens New Opportunities


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We recently asked our customers – owners of small and medium-sized business across the U.S. – how their businesses operate. This survey reveals that single-location workforces are becoming less common; more and more workers, it appears, are doing their jobs remotely.

Here are the complete results:

1. How much time do your employees spend conducting business away from the office?

2. When making or receiving business calls outside the office, do you try to give clients the impression that you are at your office?

impression23. Describe your office environment.

4. Do you plan to expand your business in 2010?

5. If you plan to expand your business, what will be the working environment for new employees?

These results illustrate how small business owners are adapting to today’s economic conditions. For example, only 15% of respondents report having all employees work from a single location, while the majority – a whopping 57% – work from a virtual office.

Running a business under a virtual-office model reduces office-related rental expenses and allows companies to expand their talent pool beyond a limited geographical area. In other words, the virtual-office model provides a win-win solution for businesses.

As more companies sharpen their competitive edge by applying the virtual-office model, it’s crucial for businesses to adopt a phone system designed for the modern and mobile business environment. This is where RingCentral shines.

“RingCentral facilitates the seamless integration of distributed employees into a single business phone system, regardless of the employee’s choice of phones – mobile or fixed-line,” says Vlad Shmunis, CEO of RingCentral. “The best part is that businesses do not need to spend a single dollar in capital expenditure.”

RingCentral conducted this study from October 16 to November 11, 2009. More than 300 customers responded to its online survey.

Originally published Nov 17, 2009, updated Aug 12, 2020

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