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Leave Your Legacy Technology Behind with the Help of Google for Work and RingCentral


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google mid market campaign There is no worse frustration than being stifled by legacy technology, cumbersome and slow updates, and expensive maintenance. To make matters even worse, you want to take advantage of the latest capabilities in the cloud, but breaking out of your existing enterprise agreement is next to impossible, without a penalty price to pay.

Many businesses end up settling for less and staying handcuffed to their legacy systems along with the continued capital expense, difficult administrative duties, and lack of easy scalability.  Do these drawbacks sound familiar?

Well, we’re doing something about it to help out the thousands of businesses that are ready to say, “Enough is enough.”

Together with Google for Work, we’re making it easier to break out of your existing enterprise agreements.  Google is covering the cost of using Google Apps until the existing enterprise agreement runs out. We’re sweetening the deal too. Customers who participate in Google’s offer can benefit from RingCentral’s matching offer. Under this program, our new customers can experience up to six months of RingCentral for Google for Work at no cost.

Do the math. It’s a no brainer way to take advantage of what the cloud offers and experience the extraordinary benefits of Google Apps and RingCentral.  If you don’t already know,  RingCentral for Google for Work is a trusted solution selected by the Recommended for Google Apps for Work program for high security, reliability, and quality of integration with Google business tools.  With this integration, you can experience all the functionality of RingCentral while staying in Gmail – make calls, send an SMS or fax, have a conference call or web meeting – without shifting back and forth between apps.

Joining forces with Google, we’re proud to help the multitude of businesses out there break free from the limitations of legacy technology and be part of a great program to help customers accelerate their move to the cloud, while saving them money and helping them become even more productive.

For more information about RingCentral for Google for Work, and this offer, visit the RingCentral for Google integration overview, and the RingCentral for Google mid-market offer.

Originally published Jun 08, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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