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Latest 7.0 Launch Delivers Quality and Flexibility in Business Communications


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Desk_Integration We are pleased to announce that our 7.0 launch, for RingCentral Office, Professional and Fax users, is happening today!  Our mission at RingCentral is to continue enhancing business communications with quality, value and flexibility. Here are some the the latest updates and enhancements RingCentral customers will now experience.

RingCentral for Desk

We are excited to present RingCentral for Desk. This new integrated solution between RingCentral phone system and enables the efficiency of agents who are now able to easily make or take calls directly within  There is no software to download, and it works in the cloud on any supported browser.

The integrated dialpad allows you to make your day-to-day communications easier than ever without leaving the app. Calls are connected to any of your phone devices, including mobile phones.  With RingCentral for Desk, you can easily click-to-dial any number within a customer record to make calls and to avoid any misdials.  When an incoming call arrives, a matching customer record automatically displays and a case is automatically created. You can save time in searching a customer record and manually creating a case; you can spend important time assisting your customers.

RingCentral for Desk is now available to Office Premium and Enterprise plans in US, Canada and the UK. It is also available on via the App Hub.

International Phone Numbers

IVN_image RingCentral now offers additional international phone numbers for our customers.  You can expand to new market and be close to your international customers by adding international numbers from over 25 different countries.  You can easily create local presence without setting up physical offices oversea. Configuration is simple, and you can set up these international numbers as your local caller ID’s. All calls to these numbers will be automatically routed to extensions in the home country. You can answer these incoming calls with your desk phone, RingCentral for Desktop, or with our mobile app.  International numbers are available to all RingCentral customers in US, Canada and the UK.

High Definition Voice

Now you can make and receive HD voice calls with the RingCentral system across all devices! You can enjoy clearer conversations with enriched call quality. Whether you’re using RingCentral for Desktop, RingCentral’s Mobile Apps, or your desk phone (conference phones and cordless phones are both supported as well) users will experience the benefit oh higher call quality thus being able to better avoid any possible miscommunication.  All Office Premium and Enterprise customers in US, Canada and the UK can enable HD Voice for their desired devices.

RingCentral for Desktop

We continue to improve our RingCentral for Desktop to provide a better communication experience from your desktop. Along with HD voice for business communications, we have improved our interface and functionality to boost your productivity. We have expanded the phone presence support feature, so now users are able to view their colleagues’ real-time phone presence statuses in additional contacts details and auto-suggestion list. They can also find a group of contacts by sorting their personal contacts by source where these contacts are synchronized from. Other enhancements include additional call-screening option, save voicemail and faxes locally, automatically print incoming faxes (Windows only), and support up to 20 MB of fax attachments.

Spartan_7_0_Contacts_Presnece RingCentral Mobile App

Dropping calls cause miscommunications and is not professional for your company’s image. In this latest release, you can continue your call conversation without worrying about calls getting dropped. With intelligent network detection, the RingCentral Mobile App will automatically switch to available data network when the Wi-Fi signal degrades or vice versa. In addition, customers can enjoy clearer conversations when making or receiving calls within RingCentral phone system.

Originally published Jan 22, 2015, updated Aug 11, 2020

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