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January Health Challenge was a success!

Health & Fitness @ RingCentral Group Grows by 66%


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  • Our Health & Fitness @ RC Group hosted a health challenge for the month of January.
  • Activities were designed to encourage a healthier lifestyle while taking advantage of some special RingCentral benefits.

For a positive start to the new year, we gave employees an opportunity to increase their self-care and focus on personal health. Our Health & Fitness @ RC Group put together a month of inspiring themes and fun activities. At RingCentral, we are committed to supporting our employees’ wellness with in-person and online resources that make health a priority.

A Healthier New Year!

January marks the beginning of the year and a chance to reset your wellness goals and many RingCentral employees did just that! Congratulations to our Health & Fitness @RingCentral group who hosted a very successful January Health Challenge! Everyone was encouraged to join this group and set a goal focused on the theme for the week.  

January Wellness Themes

  • Week 1 Theme – Get moving! Whatever “being active” means to you, move more this week.
  • Week 2 Theme – Dry January. Avoid alcohol and try out some delicious mocktails. 
  • Week 3 Theme – Stay hydrated! Drink more water to reap the health benefits. Tip: try coconut water. 
  • Week 4 Theme – Healthy eating. Add in more protein, fruits, and veggies. Tip: try clean eating recipes. Our U.S. offices were provided with healthy green juice drinks during this week’s challenge.

Left to Right: Julie Weintraub, Taara Hanna and Paula Bailey

Tracking Progress

Participants in the health challenge were provided a goal tracker that they could utilize to keep them on track with their goals. RingCentral employees were also encouraged to use one of our benefits, Task Human, for free personalized, real-time 1:1 video coaching on topics including fitness, healthy eating, professional development, and more. Other online wellness benefits include and Headspace.

Growing Healthier

Setting new wellness goals and achieving them isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve tried to make it easier with online and in-person support. We are excited to report the January Health Challenge grew the Health & Fitness @RingCentral group by 100 people (66%). If you are looking for an energetic and inspiring group to support your wellness journey, consider joining them. Not a RingCentral employee yet? Start your journey by exploring our career openings

Originally published Jan 31, 2023, updated Feb 02, 2023

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