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Is Work Freedom Hampered by Your Communication Tools?


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These days, a coffee shop without wi-fi is like a hipster without a beard.  They are missing an essential. If we can’t get connected, we’re going elsewhere.

At the same time, internet service providers are fighting to get their fibre in your home and having 4G means you see fewer people staring at the screen with their agonised ‘loading face’.

The world around us has been steadily gearing up to allow us to work wherever we need to by having reliable connection wherever we are. But there’s a problem… When you are out and about, who’s answering your office phone?

Being responsive is more important than ever. That’s easy to say, but let’s quickly explore what it means to have the communication tools in place to make this a possibility.

A customer rings up and doesn’t get an answer. It’s a leap of faith to expect they will lookup and redial your mobile number. A phone call missed is a business opportunity slipped away. The next company phone number is only a Google click away.

Okay, so people might not always be that fickle. But loyalty will begin to seriously wain if they continue to play one-sided phone tennis. Regardless of all the technology, deals are still done over the phone. There’s no substitute for a real person. In an ideal world, the phone would always get answered.

Who says it can’t?

All you need is a cloud-based communication solution, then your office calls can reach you wherever you are whether you are at the coffee shop, home, on the train, even on the tube platform. Mobile and desktop apps essentially turn your smartphone and computer into your complete business phone system. work anywhere cartoon You won’t always be able to answer, but the technology can work for you and not against you. Simply redirect calls to available colleagues with call sequencing or call forwarding. Your voicemail can even be accessed on the go, meaning you can save customers from the dreaded void with your lightening-quick response.

It’s now time for the telephone join the working revolution and have it work for you the way you want it to.

To learn more contact RingCentral UK!

Originally published Oct 05, 2015, updated Aug 12, 2020

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