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Introducing Ben Schechter, RingCentral’s New SVP of Marketing

Blueprint for a Better Brand!


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  • Ben Schechter recently joined RingCentral as Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • We sat down with Ben to learn more about his marketing journey, why he chose RingCentral, and to hear about his vision for RingCentral’s marketing strategy

After spending the past four years at Adobe as head of SMB and Enterprise Marketing, Ben Schechter joined RingCentral as Senior Vice President of Marketing. Ben sat down with us to share his marketing journey, why he chose RingCentral, and discussed his blueprint for making Ringcentral’s brand even stronger.

Measurable Goals.

Marketing has a specific appeal to Ben, “What I love about marketing is the measurement side of it. Being able to do something and get instant results and know when to put your foot on the pedal or pivot to something better. Testing, measuring and hitting goals have always been a passion of mine.” Ben’s history as a leader of both SMB and Enterprise marketing, together with his deep experience in demand gen and digital marketing will bring more focus and rigor to these areas of marketing for RingCentral.


Building A Winning Brand.

When asked why he picked RingCentral and why this was an excellent time to join, Ben told us that the positive people and collaborative culture he saw during interviews influenced him. “Since I’ve been here I’ve been blown away by how much people want to help and the passion and intelligence of the team. They’re helpful, welcoming—they want to see my team succeed.” He also mentioned the time was right “to make a significant impact, to build a best-in-class marketing organization, which always starts with the people.” Ben looks for marketing talent who are goal-oriented, have excellent skills, work well within a diverse culture, and have the potential to grow beyond their existing role. 

Adapting to Marketing Challenges.

With the right people, a winning marketing organization can overcome industry challenges. “I love competition. I run toward competition, not away from it. Coming into the space where we have very well-known competitors, how do we differentiate ourselves and drive growth by improving our messaging and our positioning in the marketplace?”  Ben plans to focus more on targeted data that better predicts when prospects are ready to talk to someone, an advantage of today’s digital marketing landscape. 

Competition Is Personal.

Ben’s love of competition started with sports, although he admits that now he’s shifted from playing to spectating. With three sons under the age of 13, he spends a lot of time watching their baseball, basketball, football, and soccer games. Unsurprisingly, given his passion for watching sports, Ben’s desert island must-have is a TV so he can watch his favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers! He’d also want a smart speaker and his favorite Blink 182 album (this desert island clearly comes with a lot of power outlets).

Welcome to RingCentral Ben! Let’s #WinAsOne 

Originally published Feb 16, 2023

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