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Infographic: Are You In Need of a Better Phone System?


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Have you ever missed an important call? More than once? Regularly?

It always seems to be right at that moment when you step away from your desk for just a second and a customer rings about THAT big deal. And whilst you may have become adept at hurdling desks in order to grab the phone before they ring off, what happens when you are out at meetings or can’t get to the office due to illness, adverse weather or transport issues?

Ok so you can’t be everywhere at once. But that’s in the physical world – the virtual world is an entirely different story. The cloud essentially places your business phone everywhere. It’s like carrying your desk phone on you at all times, only far, far less cumbersome.

Prospects no longer need to hang up to redial a mobile number to get through to the right person- that’s if they can wait around that long. Mobile workers are fully integrated so they can always be contacted on their one office number, no matter where business takes them.

Meetings can become a lot more efficient too. In the old days, everyone would slog along to meetings that take a fair chunk of time out of their day. Now it’s a case of bringing right people together for an audio or online video meeting in just a few simple clicks.

That’s all very well, but what it all comes down to is whether the system actually works to the standard you’d expect. If you’ve been burned by dropped connections and muffled voices in the past, you will understandably be cautious. The really simple answer is to try a company that makes call experience its highest priority. You may be pleasantly surprised.

A phone system should be your loyal sidekick; reliable and flexible, never letting an opportunity for business slip away. Anything less, and you risk customers hanging up for good. So have a think once again about the question we started with – perhaps a new phone system doesn’t seem such a bad idea?

Check out our helpful guide below to determine if it’s time for you to upgrade, and invest in a smarter phone system!Need a new phone system flow-01

Originally published Feb 24, 2016, updated Aug 12, 2020

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