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[Expert' take] Maxime, Pre-sales Engineer @Dimelo


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I meet up with Maxime, a pre-sales engineer at Dimelo, who answers my questions between client meetings.

Hi Maxime! You have just joined Dimelo. Could you tell us a bit about your path to becoming a pre-sales engineer?

Maxime: I started at an engineering school in Rouen, the ESIGELEC. During my training, I loved group projects. So I specialised in project management, which involves both technical and human aspects. I joined a large telecommunications company as a project manager. After two years, I had a better perspective on things and a desire to work in project preparation. I joined a software publishing start-up, in the pre-sales department. After 3 years, I wanted to join a bigger company, but one that would allow me to maintain closeness with the team, to evolve and to make progress. That is what I have found at Dimelo.

What are your daily tasks?

Maxime: In my work, the most important task is to understand clients’ needs in order to make the setting up of the project as smooth as possible. To do this, my priority is communication. I listen to clients and try to put myself in their shoes, to understand the context surrounding their project. I also try to analyse the challenges clients face in their sector. It’s a made-to-measure service! Then, it’s up to me to find the best way of responding to these needs, the most appropriate solution, then to explain our value proposition.

[Paroles d’expert] Maxime, Ingénieur avant-vente @Dimelo

For you, what are the strong points of the Dimelo Digital platform?

Maxime: The consolidation of messages on different channels on one platform! The idea is to allow advisers to communicate simultaneously on several different channels, while facilitating message processing. It’s extremely powerful; it allows the client to use the same processes to route messages automatically to the appropriate advisers and to have customer information available on all channels. But it also enables the client to use the same KPIs to direct activity and smooth out agent activity on all channels, unlike with a single-channel system. The format and channel are no longer important; only content and the customer count. What is more, the software has been developed as a SaaS; it is therefore ever-changing and continuously adapts to clients’ needs.

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What do you like about Dimelo that you could not find anywhere else?

Maxime: What I love is our team, which is Dimelo’s biggest strength. We are all working towards a common goal: customer satisfaction. And it’s great that we’re all fully behind the same thing! We have a great bond. At Dimelo, we have highly skilled people, whether in the R&D team, among the project managers or in the pre-sales department. That enables us to have quality discussions and to develop our skills every day working together. Everyone brings their own thing to the table, which is really rewarding!

To finish up: what are your passions in life?

Maxime: Making the most of Parisian life! Working in the 9th arrondissement means I can go and see photography exhibitions, plays and one-man shows after work. I am also a bit of a sportsman so on the weekend I play tennis and squash with friends. It helps me to disconnect from the daily routine and come back to work feeling refreshed and on form. But what I love more than anything is leaving my comfort zone by setting myself new goals. My current project? Doing up an old 1978 Honda CB400 T (editor’s note: old roadster motorbike) piece by piece. It hasn’t worked for more than 10 years. It takes time but I’ll do it! (laughs)

Originally published Nov 03, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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