Wouldn’t it be great to be able to determine whether it’s a personal or a business call that’s coming in to your phone?

Not to worry – there is a feature on your account that lets you display the called number (i.e., your RingCentral number) instead of the caller’s number.

This feature, called the “Called Number”, can be toggled in the Call Information window.

To toggle it, log in to your online account at https://service.ringcentral.com. Then navigate to:

> Settings > My Inbound > Call Handling
> Scroll down to the bottom of the Call Handling window:

User Call Handling Panel

> Click Call Information:

Call Information Panel

> Click Called Number
> Click Save

For related features found on the Call Handling page, read on for more info.

As an additional bit of call information, you may also request your caller to announce his/her name before you accept the call.  Please visit our support article Call Screening During Business Hours and watch this video to learn more.

Featured image courtesy of: Nick Nada via photopin cc