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How this Leading Medical Device Maker Kept Working through the Pandemic—and How RingCentral Helped


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For more than 65 years, the global company known today as Vyaire Medical has been pioneering medical devices and solutions that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory problems. The company, in fact, is credited with the invention of the medical ventilator.

And with more than 27,000 other products related to respiratory and pulmonary care, Vyaire is a go-to resource for physician practices, hospitals, medical research institutes, and other healthcare organizations worldwide.

As a respiratory-related virus spread quickly around the world in early 2020, the global demand for Vyaire’s ventilators and other products skyrocketed. Ironically, though, the worldwide lockdowns caused by the pandemic also forced Vyaire to temporarily close all of its offices and transition its thousands of employees to work from home—at the very moment the world needed the company’s products, services, and expertise more than ever.

But even with its entire workforce working remotely for the first time in the company’s seven-decade history, Vyaire was able to keep functioning—and helping the global healthcare industry care for patients in need—throughout the lockdowns. And RingCentral played a key role in that success.

Cloud communications delivers during the lockdown

Before COVID-19 became a worldwide story, Vyaire’s IT team had already begun migrating away from its on-prem phone system and rolling out RingCentral’s cloud communications solution. But the pandemic and the looming quarantine sped up the team’s migration to their new RingCentral solution—which would enable their staff to communicate, collaborate, and stay connected with customers from anywhere.

Alexander Roth, Vyaire’s Lead Engineer for Global Telecom, points out that the speed and ease of rolling out RingCentral to their newly remote workforce made all the difference in keeping the company’s operations running during the transition to the quarantine.

“RingCentral made it easy for us to migrate our employees to working from home,” he says, “because we didn’t have to configure a whole new tech environment to support them. The RingCentral apps did most of the work for us.”

But it was more than just their ability to enable employees to make and take business calls from home, using their computers and personal cell phones, that Vyaire found beneficial about their new RingCentral cloud phone system. The team also discovered additional communication tools built into their RingCentral service—such as the video conferencing platform—that made a real difference in their ability to operate during the lockdowns.

“We’re using [the video conferencing] all the time to stay connected as a company and even to host medical-device training webinars for our customers,” says Martin Kastner, the company’s Senior Director of Global IT Infrastructure. “At a time like this, when everyone is locked down, it’s invaluable to be able to continue offering video-based training to healthcare providers on how to use our life-saving respiratory products.”

Read the Vyaire Medical success story.


Originally published Sep 01, 2020, updated Dec 30, 2022

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