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How a Western tack and apparel retailer reduced call hold times by modernizing with RingCentral MVP


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  • Moving to the cloud: RingCentral features messaging, video, and phone all in one easy app
  • Reduced hold times: Employees respond to customers on mobile and no longer have to put them on hold while getting answers about products
  • Improved customer experience: Customers stay engaged while on the phone and get their answers faster

An aging, analog phone system that couldn’t keep up

With more than 1,000 saddles in stock, Teskey’s Saddle Shop is no stranger to understanding the unique details customers are looking for when they come in or call the 100,000 square foot store in Weatherford, Texas. The retailer also sells an extensive array of tack, clothing, ranch and farm equipment and equine supplies, along with a feed. Established in 1998, and like many brick-and-mortar retailers, Teskey’s had an aging, analog communications system that no longer supported a modern customer base. 

“As our business footprint expanded, our sales associates found that when customers called with questions about products in the store, the hold times were getting too long,” said Jordan Cooper, Director of IT, Teskey’s. “Because we were using landlines, we’d either have to page a department and hope someone was available to pick up a transferred call, or we’d have to place the customer on hold, go and look for the item, then come back to the phone to inform the customer and if they had more questions, the process would repeat itself. With 100,000 square feet of store, this was taking up too much time. Customers should not have to wait on hold that long.” 

Teskey’s knew that the communications industry was moving to the cloud. One day, a RingCentral sales rep contacted them and introduced them to RingCentral MVP — a cloud-based application that combines messaging/texting, video, and phone functionality, along with a feature called “Switch” that lets users answer a call on one device and transfer it to another (for example, from a desktop phone to a mobile)without disrupting the communication. 

“When we found out that we could get all of those features for less than what we were paying for our analog phone alone, we knew it was time to make the move,” said Cooper.  

Moving to the cloud made easy

RingCentral’s implementation team worked closely with Cooper and his team to deliver a smooth implementation. The team provided weekly calls, training, and walked Cooper and his IT team through the entire process. “I really felt like we built a business friendship. It was very supportive,” said Cooper.

Teskey’s modernizes phone system with RingCentral MVP to improve customer experiences

Mobility drives a better experience

No longer chained to landlines, Teskey’s employees are now able to respond to customer calls on their mobile phones and assist customers on-the-go. “With RingCentral, we no longer have long hold times or multiple holds. We can do it all in one, keeping the customer engaged the whole time and even make alternative purchase recommendations as we’re responding to questions or heading to a certain product aisle,” said Cooper. “I’ve received a lot of praise from the sales team about how much easier it is to help customers.” 

Originally published Dec 09, 2021

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