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Wellness Week prioritizes employees!

RingCentral put employees first with a week of financial, emotional, and physical wellness


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  • Wellness Week was May 1-5
  • Daily activities provided employees with opportunities to focus on their wellness

RingCentral’s five pillars of wellness are holistic and strategically designed to target real human needs. From May 1-5, we held virtual and live sessions giving every employee the opportunity to make the most of their wellness. Personal development is a practice that can benefit everyone.

Five pillars. One priority.

We’re making wellness a habit. For the second year in a row, we celebrated Wellness Week with engaging and thoughtful activities centered around our employees’ well-being. Each day’s sessions emphasized our five pillars of wellness: financial, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social. Most of the activities planned fall within our existing benefits and this week gave employees a chance to become more familiar with them. Employees who weren’t available for live sessions can still participate since select webinars were recorded and made available for later viewing on our Wellness Portal.

“At RingCentral we recognize the importance of employees’ lives outside the office and how satisfaction at home and in the community translates into satisfaction and engagement at work. We are thrilled to offer benefit programs that support all of the wellness pillars such as physical, intellectual, social, emotional, financial and mental health.”

Quyanna Homes, Director, Global Benefits

A holistic approach.

At RingCentral, we know that wellness is all-encompassing. It’s an overall state of well-being involving every aspect of a person’s life. That’s where our five pillars come in and even if you aren’t a part of RingCentral, you might consider how you can improve your wellness in these areas. 

  1. Financial – Making informed financial decisions to achieve financial stability and security.
  2. Physical – Engaging in regular physical exercise is crucial for maintaining physical health.
  3. Emotional – Mental health is shaped by our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Learning to maintain your emotional health can go a long way.
  4. Intellectual – The pursuit of lifelong learning, critical thinking, and engaging in activities that stimulate the mind.
  5. Social – Taking care of your social wellness by cultivating healthy relationships and engaging in positive interactions.

Wellness events recap.

  • Monday – Financial Wellness 

9 am PT: TaskHuman – Financial Fitness Virtual Session


  • Tuesday – Physical Wellness

9-9:30 am PT: Kickboxing

By appointment: Chair Massages


  • Wednesday – Emotional Wellness

10 am: Mental Health Awareness Training

Scheduled Walk: A chance to be active and socialize


  • Thursday – Intellectual Wellness

9 am PT: Live Meditation

1 pm PT: ADP – Saving and Investing

Cinco de Mayo: Special Treat hosted by our ¡HOLA! ERG


  • Friday – Social Wellness

11 am PT: Virtual Magic Show

Prioritizing you.

Wellness Week encouraged everyone to prioritize their health and prosperity.  We’re here to support your journey. For more information or to share your wellness ideas, reach out through our employee Wellness Portal. We like to think of it as a toolkit for personal development. Employees can take advantage of the great articles on our Wellness Portal like How to Improve Mental Wellness and Happiness Every Day, 13 Tips for Eating Healthier Every Day, 5 Steps to Improve Social Connection, and Benefits of Combining Yoga with Massage Therapy. TaskHuman is another great benefit we offer employees for one-on-one coaching and wellness support.  

It’s simple: when you’re at your best, we’re at our best.  Wellness Week is how we “Win as One!”

Originally published May 09, 2023

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