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Hello to Happiness

Comparably’s Q3 Awards are in, and we’re smiling.


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  • Comparably reports on company cultures & compensation with real, anonymous employee reviews to showcase “the most fair and accurate display of employer brands.”
  • Comparably’s mission is “to make workplaces transparent and rewarding for both employees and employers.”


Every quarter, employer brand experts Comparably release their Best Place To Work Awards. We get excited about them because they’re based on real, anonymous employee opinions (1345 employees have written 3949 comments so far this year!) — so people can share their real authentic opinions. The good. The bad. The ugly. Fortunately for us, our people are feeling pretty great about working at RingCentral. And we could not be more grateful. 


And the winners are:

We are absolutely ecstatic to announce RingCentral brought home three major awards in Q3 2021: 


#10 for Best Company Perks & Benefits

#3 for Best Company Compensation

and best of all, 

#2 for Best Company Happiness




Well taken-care of.

It’s nice to be recognized for our compensation, perks and benefits, but putting zeroes at the end of a check doesn’t automatically make you a great place to work. (Yes, we know: it sure does help.) Anyone can get out of the checkbook. Compensation and benefits only become a competitive edge when they’re a true reflection of the value a company places on its employees. 

For VP of Rewards and People Operations Ademar Martins, that’s exactly what these awards mean. “These awards truly reflect the philosophy behind our Total Rewards program. We know our people do phenomenal work and we work hard every day to make sure they are rewarded for their efforts. We are thrilled to know that our employees believe we are doing the right things to support and care for them.”


Serious about happiness. 

“Happiness” sounds like a vague, fuzzy term HR departments slap on their Careers page. It isn’t. Modern organizations are investing heavily in employee happiness, because they know it’s a reflection of the clarity of their purpose and commitment to shared success. 

Plus, it brings big-time benefits to both companies and customers – lower turnover, more engaged employees, and better customer service to name just a few.  

That’s why we’re so thrilled that our employees voluntarily took the time to share their feelings about RingCentral. Does great compensation, perks and benefits have a lot to do with it? Of course. But according to Chief People Officer Gunjan Aggarwal, it’s our culture that puts us over the top.  “It’s really true, the whole community at RingCentral is amazing. I think it starts with how people take care of each other. We are at a moment where we are engaging in an honest and transparent self-reflection on how to make sure everyone is in a role where they can succeed and thrive. It’s an honor to have won these awards, but ultimately the honor is for me to work with such great people everyday.” 

Hire great people. Make sure they understand why we do what we do. Give them a voice. Reward them for their work. Put all that together, and good things happen. In this case, they happen in threes. 


Originally published Oct 08, 2021

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